10 Really Cool Quonset Homes—And One Really Ugly One (2)

If you are planning on finishing or remodeling your basement, chances are you are probably considering the addition of a bathroom. The unique challenge of adding a bathroom to a basement is the concrete which can be labor intensive to remove. For this reason you must remove a section of concrete with either a jackhammer or a concrete saw. Typically a jackhammer is used to break up the concrete to access the plumbing drains.

Out of all the materials to replace the siding on your current home, these two are definitely the most striking. Not only does wood siding or fiber cement siding make a home look extraordinarily unique in these times where things keep getting more and more cookie-cutter, but they have the possibility of adding that needed value to your home overall. The real problem with this type of siding remains the overall cost of the project, and if you do select wood, the overall maintenance.

As a Remodeling contractor in Kansas City, KCHC has put together a detailed directory that may assist with homeowners and contractors looking to remodel their home. In many cases we find that homeowners choose to take on certain projects without the help of a general contractor. One common project is finishing your basement. If you choose to take on this projects by yourself it is important to get licensed subs to help with some of the more important phases of the project.

Living in an apartment, I don’t get to do these great things..sigh. My folks used to have a high-end bathroom remodeling business..cost not an issue for most of their clients, so I got to look at the best of the best in catalogs and man, some of these you show, are just plain ‘art work’ beautiful.. You don’t see these in the local home depot! Thank you! Great Hub!

Keeping your floor clean will be relatively simple. You’ll want to talk to the concrete contractor who stained your floor about specific instructions for the specific products and colors used for your floor but mostly likely it will only require occasional dust mopping and twice a month damp mopping using a neutral cleaner so you keep a neutral PH. This is important so you can add another coat of floor finish when necessary.