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Check Out My Parents’ Bathroom Remodel

Once their projects are completed, the members log in to their accounts and complete a short cost survey.

Tile offers you the most in terms of decorative choices when building a new shower area. Tiles can be made of porcelain, granite and other stones, ceramic materials or even glass. With a huge array of colors, sizes and patterns, the design choices are nearly infinite. Hire an experienced, professional tile setter to get the best results and don’t forget that you need to clean and seal grout on a regular basis to prevent mildew growth.

After everything was out of the space that was coming out, including some old shelving units, the walls were washed down with a cleaning solution of hot water and TSP, or trisodium phosphate Care must be taken when using TSP, a corrosive cleaner, so it is best to wear rubber gloves to protect exposed skin. Normally, …

Basement Finishing Cincinnati, Dayton, Hamilton & Middletown OH

With so few reviews, your opinion of Dream Basement Remodeling & Waterproofing could be huge. Start your review today.

We were never able to just give the kids free rein with their imagination – ages didn’t match up with needed work – but that, too, would be wonderful for a budding artist. Love the idea of the leg and stocking! How will you finish your basement bar top? We prefer using a poured epoxy resin system. Watch this video for easy to follow instructions and a link below for the product you will need.

Thrasher’s Total Basement Finishing System is a complete basement renovation package. This means that you can count on us as your one-stop source for remodeling products – including the walls, floors, ceiling, windows , lighting, electrical – anything you need! The one thing we agreed on, we didn’t want to lose ceiling height by putting in …

Bathroom Remodeling On A Budget

Changing your bathroom to a modern bathroom style is a great option since a bathroom is one of the parts of the house that not so often changed. Different from other room that can be rearranged or remodeled easily, the bathroom needs to have full renovation in order to give it a different look. That is why finding bathroom remodel ideas for your old bathroom need to be done thoughtfully and detailed so that you get the best result.

Idea 4: Look through a few kitchen remodeling magazines, clip photos and start an idea file of hanging pendant lights that work well with your kitchen décor. Also clip ideas for other accessories that will blend in with your pendant lights and island. I’ve learned a lot about decorating. Usually I would just move things around in random places and it never looked right. Hopefully this will help me out in …

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Remember THIS ? And THIS ? And then THIS ? Yes, you remember… there were all sorts of updates along the way. The bathroom remodel project is now done! It’s been done for a few weeks. I still have some painting to do in the laundry room area, but generally it’s done.

With a flexible work life and a pre-schooler, we bought the van to renovate in order to travel the country & visit family who winter in Florida. We started working on it immediately spending the summer to complete our interior upgrade with a new professional sofa, roof and door liner upholstery, new lined curtains that block the light and interior paint job that gives the vehicle a spa-like modern feel.

After: In order to get optimal functionality out of such a tiny space, Hurst replaced the old vanity with a freestanding contemporary one about half the size. He …

Master Bathroom Remodel

Indy Renovation and our related companies have a nearly flawless track record when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Our 50-plus years of experience has allowed us to build wonderful relationships within the Indianapolis community. Exceptional work ethic and craftsmanship are reflected in the hundreds of positive reviews we’ve received — truly a testament to our ability to produce the finest bathroom renovations in the area. Contact us today at (317) 375-4464, and ask how we can start your next project off right with a free estimate and design.

Old cabinets can come back to life with a simply coat of white paint. Take special care with the hinges and hardware. Careful spray painting is the recommended procedure. Add a wood floor and you are set to go! Look at the gleam of the wood floor against the brightness of the white cabinets – dynamic style on a reasonable budget. The …

Bathroom Remodel Park Ridge 847

Rather than trying to do the square-peg/round hole scenario trying to make another door guide of the wrong size refit the mold of the other construction configuration by drilling a new set of holes into a door guide (easily cracking the new guide) – we suggest trying to glue together your broken door guide.

Here’s an extreme close up of the floor tile. Can you see the texture? I ran across this tile at The Tile Shop and liked it far before I even realized I’d actually end up using it. Months later, I brought home a sample for my master bathroom, nixed it, then it sat and collected dust until I had an ‘ah ha’ moment and realized it was perfect for the guest bath.

Use a flexible container to mix up just enough dry plaster of Paris for your intended use. When you are finished with the job …

Bathroom Remodel Under $500 (2)

One of the biggest home renovation challenges can be creating space in a small, main bath where no space actually exists.

We’ve been living in a construction zone for the last 21 years! Someday we will get finished on our own house. Now we have to hire out the work which is costly, as you know. So the going is slow. Plants that love humidity work well in bathrooms, according to Phoenix bathroom remodel experts. The bathroom is much more humid that other areas of the home.

I had talked about painting the cabinets HERE They are Annie Sloan Paris Grey. I still need to add one more coat of wax, but that isn’t something that will show up in pictures. 🙂 The glass knobs were found at Hobby Lobby at 50 % off. If exactly what you are trying to find is a patterned shelve to establish in your …

Bathroom Remodel Using An Old Dresser For Vanity. Reuse, Redo Don’t Buy New. (3)

More than a year ago, I shut the door to a room in our house. Sick of looking at it, wishing it would magically transform into a place of serenity and peaceful luxury, I simply shut the door on it’s dark ugliness, because it was easier than dealing with it.

A handicap shower unit might also come with a non-slip surface on the bottom to prevent slip and fall accidents, so you won’t have to add a rubber mat. Handicap shower stalls might also come already equipped with grab bars and safety rails to reduce the chance for a slip and fall. Skylights work well in most any kitchen and any ceiling type. The size and positioning has to be carefully considered. A skylight doesn’t have to be large to make a big impact – the daylight will provide the impact – leave that to Mother Nature.

Items that are …

What Is The Best Way To Clean Laminate Wood Floors?

Each project has so many decisions to make; and it can feel like the most challenging decision is which materials to pick.

Before hiring any contractor make sure you do a good background check. Make sure he has a license for the work he’s performing in the state he’s performing it and make sure he has at least liability and workman’s comp insurance. Always check references. See my piece on working with contractors for more details. Really beautiful – and as someone else said, timeless. Love that PB console sink – wish we had the room. Lovely job. Before each step in your renovation, we always make time to clearly communicate the scope of work, deliverables, timeframe, cost, materials and suppliers with you. You can help the HubPages community highlight top quality content by ranking this answer up or down.

Yes, to your question. It is actually an vegetable or …

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You don’t have to be a professional interior decorator to understand and apply some basic principles of interior design that will help you create a comfortable and functional home with style.

Believe it or not, flat screen TVs are also making their way into luxury bathrooms. Homeowners like the idea of watching their favorite television shows while luxuriating in a soaking tub. Quite a few of those in Malta, especially in the craft village, although they’re somewhat more basic. Just a corrugated tin shell with some tables and display units inside. Some really cool digs here, though.

b. Malin, Thank you. It’s nice when you can salvage something in your home and not have to send it to the landfill. Thank you for stopping by. Do you have any remodel tips? We’re going to have to move out and board the cats while it gets done so lets hope it …