Month: October 2016

Chicago Bathroom Remodeling

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I don’t know about you but it’s hard for me to make a run to the store in less than two hours. Every item you have on site and ready for the contractor is time and effort saved in labor cost. And, I’ll tell you, anytime your workers leave your project there’s no guarantee when they’ll come back. This drives construction managers crazy, too. This time is hard to track. If you choose to have the contractor …

Basement Finishing

Look here for cheap and time-efficient ideas (because we also don’t have time to sew our own drapes), real stories about great, imperfect homes and gardens, and funny writers who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Hi Vespa! I come up with the most quirky ideas. We have a room in the basement just for the cats. It doesn’t have a door, but there is a doorway. So, instead of buying an $80 door, I re-purposed an old shower curtain with a pretty blue nautical theme that matches the color of the paint down there. So now the cats have privacy. LOL I am just full of ideas.

Chemical stains also need to penetrate into the concrete surface to react with the lime in the concrete. Any materials that inhibit concrete stain penetration, such as grease, oil, or curing membranes, will prevent the color from taking, says Tom Schmidt of Jagger …

Remember This? Bathroom Remodel Update (2)

Bathroom remodeling ideas abound on the internet with ideas for everything from removing and installing new bathroom cabinets, to upgrading bathroom fixtures and installing a new sink and lavatory. Bathroom cabinets or vanities are a major decorating element in the bathroom while providing essential storage space. The challenge of providing enough storage in a small bathroom is often met with wall cabinet or tall linen cabinet. Pedestal sinks and hanging vanities dominate contemporary bathroom designs. Learn how to improve your bathroom cabinetry with these informative Hubs.

I like to change up my decor often. So, as you can see from these photos all of the big (read: costly) changes we made in the bathroom were subtle. We used a lot of white. This way I can easily switch out things like towels, shower curtains and rugs to change the look of the room, with only a minimal amount of work. …

Minneapolis Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Last summer we bought a 1994 Ford Econoline conversion van camper. We had outgrown our charming but cramped and delicate vintage travel trailer, and wanted to take our rv living onto the fastlane (ie. highway) with a conversion van that could go the distance from the midwest to visit family in Florida… and we wanted to take our dog.

The second make-over took place in the upstairs guest-bedroom of another older house. The bedroom itself was quite lovely but not over-large, and it featured a large lovely window at one end of the room, in the center of one wall. On the side wall that stood at right angles to the window wall were two doors almost side by side. The door closest to the widow end of the room opened into a small closet-like room with a window on the end wall, and a sink installed under it. The …

Bathroom Remodel Using An Old Dresser For Vanity. Reuse, Redo Don’t Buy New. (2)

Our latest project has been finishing half of our basement. This is one of the only before photos I have where you can see the old windows and the cinder block walls.

Particulars – bare basement with badly finished slab and bat insulation on the walls, (3) garden windows that had enough egress to pass inspection. Made a 15’x19′ great room, two 6’x12′ walk-in closets, a 5’x10′ workroom, 5′ x 8′ full bath with tub and external linen closet, 9’x13′ office, unfinished 8’x8′ utility room, 12’x15′ bedroom, 6’x12′ bistro”, 6’x6′ wine room, and gun safe room under the stairs. Also a built-in display cabinet, lots of under and over counter cabinets (unfinished from Lowes), bifold and regular doors.

Cork: although not widely used, cork is a great flooring option for basements. Cork is very much like bamboo in that it can be installed in below-grade spaces and is earth-friendly. Cork …

Shower Door Guide Fix Solution (2)

One of the biggest home renovation challenges can be creating space in a small, main bath where no space actually exists.

There are several opinions on the best way to take care of your flooring. Following manufacturers recommendations is always suggested but depending on the brand that can vary as well. There is a way to create the appearance of more space by using tiles with a diamond shaped pattern or tiles with a pattern that is horizontal. Larger sized tiles can also give the impression of more space, especially those of the 24 inch variety. Selecting a grout that is the same color as the tiles also serves the purpose of creating more space.

Changing the layout: If you decide to increase the square footage of the small bathroom, it will increase the total cost of the remodel. This means changing the electrical wiring in the walls, adding more …

A Fresh Bathroom Remodel By Fiorito Interior Design

Each project has so many decisions to make; and it can feel like the most challenging decision is which materials to pick.

Indian Chef , It’s not a huge bathroom. I have had smaller we had a very small bathroom in the house our kids grew up in. Thanks for stopping and for the vote. This art deco bathroom has inset doors and handmade subway tile on the walls of the shower. The entire room serves as a shower floor, with blue and green tiles. Depends… what are they made of? Most likely answer is that you use some kind of cover strip to cover the join.

Excellent lens! I love the ideas you’ve presented. I’m one who wishes there was only one shade of green, blue, yellow, etc as I hate picking colors! Blessed. A bathroom can be rendered impractical or downright dangerous without adequate lighting so plan for …

What Is The Cost Of A Basement In 2015 (2)

Basement remodeling is just plain fun. For most people, the basement of the house is merely a place used for storage. The washer and dryer might be down there, but otherwise it’s a place that doesn’t really get used all that much. And in some cases, the basement represents a lot of square footage – that’s a lot of space just going to waste. But after a basement remodeling, that space will be put to good use.

The view to the north from the stairs shows the closets on the north end of the family room more clearly. The pieces of drywall that don’t match the majority are simply scraps left over from prior projects. If you are a handy person and can do some remodeling of your home or basement then as you know you will save an enormous amount of money as I did. The only thing you …

Basement Finishing And Basement Remodeling In NE, IA, And MO

West Bend, Wisconsin’s Reality Construction, LLC basement finishing and remodeling services will customize your space to meet your lifestyle and needs.

The next step is installing the flooring. I like to start from an outside wall, these are generally the straightest wall in a home. I start by using the spacers that come with the install kit so I leave a gap around the room for expansion and contraction. Matching the tongue to the groove, tap the pieces together with the supplied tapping block so as to not damage the pieces. Make sure to stagger the rows as you install the floor, generally 6 to 8 inches is fine. This way the joints at the ends of the boards don’t line up.

Putting down a floor in your basement offers a host of different options that will depend on your wants and needs more than anything else. Carpeting in the …

Basement Remodeling & Renovation In Chicago Area

Our latest project has been finishing half of our basement. This is one of the only before photos I have where you can see the old windows and the cinder block walls.

Sometimes a spare bedroom is used as an office, but that doesn’t always offer adequate space. And maybe all of your bedrooms are already being used. Some people convert their basement to not only a home office, but they run their whole company from there. Everything you need to work can be there – phones, fax, internet, etc. And since the space will be used for business, it may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor for details).

This is an area where paint need not take a back seat to anything – let your imagination (and that of the child) roam free! One memorable bedroom was painted in a light yellow but Dad then dipped a small …