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Drywall sanding poles are used after the taping, floating and skim coat have been applied. A peace of sandpaper is attached to the sanding pole and it is used to sand all joints, screw spots and angles. At this point the drywall will be touched up or pointed up and made ready for the painting crew.

Thank you. Yes, applying joint compound is worth doing right the first time. The savings in time and effort are enormous if you don’t have to correct and fix the previous days work! Look for signs of chimney deterioration and proper sealant around the sewer vent pipe, attic vents, and chimney. Sealant is typically black and should extend for a few inches around flashing. Thick, sloppy-looking sealant that covers a wide area rather than just protecting joints can indicate leakage and an improper repair. All you need to do then is apply the repair kit the same way as you would with a minor scratch (see above).

We opened the ceiling and it had to be cleaned out. There was also mold that had formed on the window of the bathroom. The paint was scraped and the window frame and sill was bleached. At the end of the ceiling repairs, we repaired and primed and painted the framing and sill areas. Drywall isn’t hard to do. In the past, I have repaired wall holes and I even put up new drywall in the laundry room of my first home. Working on the ceiling is basically the same, with a little more neck flexibility needed.

This article is going to walk you through the process of repairing a medium-sized hole in drywall. Once you master this skill, it’ll serve you well for the rest of your life (or until people quit hanging drywall in their homes). Now all that’s left is to prime and paint your wall. Just be sure to use a roller with the same texture as the paint in place.

Shellac-based primers make patches very shiny and this shininess seems to show through most finish paints, even multiple coats. I’ve had mixed results with latex primers, but the one’s I’ve used seem to be resistant to flashing. pleas give me some tips to hang my white lights inside the window.I want it to look spectacular.I have a window with 9 panes.