Average Cost To Finish A Basement

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Your makeover really changed the whole look of this bathroom and your easy-to-follow instructions make it simple for anyone to do. Enjoyed and voted up! P.S. I love your breakdown by square foot and the percentage, that helps us a lot in our planning and budgeting. We plan to use this room as the gathering room. The original size of the house is very small. I like the fish hook idea. We don’t drink a lot of beer, but then again our neighbours aren’t close. I guess you could also string the cans together to make a hanging curtain. There are so many things to make from the cans.

Our appliances were delivered on 12/22, and we began using the new refrigerator in our temporary kitchen that we set up in the dining room. We had a microwave and toaster oven, and we used mostly paper plates and cups and plastic utensils. Thank you! We started the project in May and it was completed the beginning of July. Our contractor did everything. Ready to get started? Schedule a basement design appointment and get a free estimate to turn your dream basement into a reality. Let us know how we can help you put together the basement of your dreams! Fill out the information below and we will contact you right away.

Thanks Dolores, LOL!! That is hilarious! We are always recycling things through the family. Then the stories begin on who had it first and why it was passed. The beer can curtain has been priceless. My sister still can’t believe what a hit it is. After your basement is cleaned out and you can see the floor you are ready to start laying out your partition walls if you choose to have walls or just a plan open area.

Think about who will sleep in the basement and the amenities they’ll need to help you determine the best dimensions. To comfortably fit a double bed, you’ll need a room with a minimum of 125 square feet. If twin beds will serve your needs better, plan on at least 150 square feet. Whether you’d describe your basement improvement project as basement restoration, basement remodeling or basement refinishing, the goal is the same: to transform an adequate” basement into an exceptional one.