Basement Builders Of NY

Once upon a time there was an ugly, dark and outdated basement…we lived in our house for 4 years and barely (if ever) used it.

We went with Buck Buckley’s Total Basement Finishing because we were impressed with the product and we felt that it was superior to drywall when it comes to dealing with moisture. By looking at the finished product, you would never know that it is not drywall and it looks great. Buck and the crew did an outstanding job and they were great at letting you know where they were in the process along the way.

You can pick-up old stuff anywhere, rummage sales, yard sales, garage sales, tag sales, antique shops, in the paper, Goodwill, Church Thrift Shops. Dumpster Diving. There is a good way to get old stuff when the trash pick-up has their spring and fall big pick-up. All kinds of things end up on the curb. Our landfill also has a big sale once a year, they sell things that to them is good stuff.

Just got the estimates for constructing new master bedroom and bath in my unfinished 1500 sf basement. I told them I would do demo, and to itemize the estimates so I could figure out items that I could do myself or postpone to save money. The general contractor with a plumbing and electrical sub came back with $60k estimate!!!!! I was thinking about half that but haven’t given him my budget. Should I just get the itemized list and say thank you.” I am at a loss.

The basement flooring preparation – do’s and don’ts described here is meant to give you a good idea on what to expect as far as the kind of preparation needed for basement flooring. Still, it’s important to do more research on the subject, and getting a professional to do the job if you are even slightly unsure of your skill level. A good basement floor starts with proper preparation, a fact that can hardly be over-emphasized.