Basement Finishing System

A recent kitchen renovation project inspires new woodshop storage ideas for my garage: recycle the old kitchen cabinets into new storage space. I also like the idea of reusing as much salvaged material as possible to reduce landfill many remodeling jobs, the old kitchen cabinets do not retain any cash value and to the contractor, they are not worth the time and effort to save. All too often, the contractor rips out the old kitchen cabinets to make room for the new cabinets. Rather than removing the cabinets carefully for resale or donation, the old cabinets are broken down and tossed aside. Deemed worthless, the old cabinets are doomed to the dumpster and destined for the landfill.

As the office didn’t really need a closet anymore, it was immediately measured to see if it would accommodate a circular staircase. JP: First of all, thanks for stopping by! If I were you, I would look at the following criteria: 1)A U-value of.35 or lower 2) A structural rating of HR-35 or higher 3)an air infiltration of2 cfm/ft2 or lower 4) at least 5 solid references that you can actually talk to concerning their windows. Hope this helps!

This three piece window offers everything – the ultimate in design and character with tons of much needed natural light for a bathroom – all without comprising privacy! Whether you are looking for a maintenance free bright clean neutral basement wall or a more customized paintable look, our waterproof modular basement finishing system is right for your home. I love your articles on upcycling old furniture and using it again instead of buying new. As I have said so many times already, I think older well built furniture adds so much character to a room and to a home. Came back to pin this hub to my ‘Interior Design’ board.

We have several bedrooms in the basement which are carpeted, but we decided to use tiling for the remaining flooring. It does get pretty chilly, but it also wasn’t really damaged by a minor flooding we had last year. It’s definitely a good idea to consult with a flooring specialist when choosing new floors for a basement space. The attic needed to be floored. Extra, loose insulation had been sprayed in a few years earlier, but it would serve nicely to help insulate behind the new walls that would be installed. I cannot tell you enough how thrilled we are with our family room. Everyone we dealt with was EXCEPTIONAL and the work is beautiful.

Thanks jpcmc! It is a lot of fun to DIY – I’m waiting for better weather to upgrade the yard 😀 – fixing up existing space to start. We’re so happy with how it turned out, and the timing couldn’t have been any better as our kids’ summer vacation is just beginning. The extra space, with a significantly cooler temperature than the rest of the house and a soundproofed ceiling, is just what we needed!