Basement Remodeling Ideas

Once upon a time there was an ugly, dark and outdated basement…we lived in our house for 4 years and barely (if ever) used it.

The concrete floors are to be clean swept and removed of all building materials, furniture, equipment, and fixtures and the paper covering the floor. If you are using a contractor their fees usually do not include the removal of these items and fees will be assessed for them to remove the materials and furniture in most cases. Whether you want to completely finish your basement or simply update the existing layout, hiring a qualified remodeling contractor is a necessity.

Cost of labor (aka where you live) – New York, New York can be double the price of Nashville, TN. Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll do most of the work yourself and then labor cost doesn’t matter. Bamboo: bamboo is a rather unorthodox basement flooring option, but is equally impressive. Unlike solid wood, bamboo is less susceptible to moisture simply because it’s a grass and therefore naturally water-resistant. Still, it’s important to perform a thorough moisture test before installing bamboo flooring.

Nitinpal23 Thank you for reading and your comment. I put down carpet because there wasn’t any flooded basements in 55 years. But, about 3 weeks after carpet was laid we had about 5 inches of rain and every home in the blocks around me including mine got water, My rug was ruined and I was sorry I didn’t go with tile. Our basement finishing services are available to residents throughout Southeastern New Hampshire & Greater Boston, in these cities: Lowell, Cambridge, Lynn, Somerville, Lexington, Lawrence, Portsmouth, Hollis, Hampton, Exeter, Windham, Bedford, Amherst.

Michigan basements are notorious for flooding during the spring and summer months which can lead to costly mold removal and foundation repairs. The good news is it’s much less painful on your wallet to bite the bullet and get your basement waterproofed than it is to pay for the after the damage has been done. An integrated wash basin or freestanding laundry sink located in the same room, means you can easily wash and rinse clothing without having to use a sink in another part of the house. This is wonderful wilderness and it’s going straight onto pinterest. you have so many ideas, starting with the basics.. i love that woodsman type bedroom up there. voting and sharing!