Basement Remodeling Plans

Deciding to purchase replacement windows for your home is a big deal. The cost can be quite high depending on what style and type of window you choose. So knowing the correct questions to ask is not only important, but essential for the wallet.

Thanks Mom, I had some help from Bean and Pie. I am still digging around for the pictures from Big Nam’s place. We took some before and after shots. I can’t seem to find the before shots. Oh well…I’ll have to hit up the girls. Did you finish this? I am looking at putting a circular staircase in the closet, hidden by a bookcase. Would love to hear how this worked out.

I am currently a Wisconsin licensed contractor performing remodeling services for residential and commercial customers in Northeastern Wisconsin. My focus remains on quality with an emphasis on enegy efficiency. Sports theme. Pictures and large stickers of sporting equipment on the walls, soccer balls or footballs on the dresser. A locker with shelves instead of a dresser. A hockey stick hung on the wall.

how can you camouflage stubborn discolorations after staining and sealing the concrete floor? We got ours stained and the glue and some red paint that was already on the concrete is showing through. I can live with the glue…but the red is horrible. We used black stain. The second option seems like the most obvious to choose but I must be missing something. What thoughts do you have? Thanks.

Many failures have been observed with the acrylic stains such as fading of color, chipping and peeling of the sealer over the acrylics and a general blah look to them. snakeslane, Well that’s different about the burlap wouldn’t you think it would be cheaper? Thanks so much for stopping by glad you enjoyed the hub. Keep pets away from wet paint. Dogs and cats can mistakenly walk on wet paint drippings and smear it through a room.