Bathroom Remodel Before And Afters (2)

More than a year ago, I shut the door to a room in our house. Sick of looking at it, wishing it would magically transform into a place of serenity and peaceful luxury, I simply shut the door on it’s dark ugliness, because it was easier than dealing with it.

That depends on the scope and size of the project, and the amount of work involved. After we meet with you to discuss your plans, we can give you an estimated timeline. Be assured that we make it a priority to stick to the timeline and keep the project moving according to schedule. Great tips! I would like to know more about drapery length/style for different rooms. I go to the stores and I just get confused! Thanks for all the other tips! Like denim jeans or a fisherman’s knit sweater, old-school white subway tile never goes out of style.

For features that you’ll use every day — cabinets, sink, faucet, shower head and toilet — consider spending more to get high-quality items. Look for good bargains on decorative items that you can easily replace, such as cabinetry knobs, drawer pulls or lighting. Hey! Great job, really! I bet the whole house feels better now. About to start a full gut myself and needed a pep talk… thanks for that! A beautiful pendant light can really set a kitchen off. You have some really nice choices here. Great lens!

Delores; Just beautiful, like it knew it would be. Looks like it was supposed to be there all along. I bet you’re thrilled with the updates and the fact that is company ready right on time. After several months of completing the tasks mentioned above, and with the new kitchen units on order, we were then ready to start on the kitchen proper. Super tips! Lots of great information here that should be a great starting point for a bathroom remodel.

So glad you stopped by-thank you for your high marks. Sorry for the delay in responding-trying to juggle many things. Your patience is appreciated. Wall-mounted. These sinks offer a good option for working with the tighter confines of a smaller bathroom However, depending on the model, they may require installing the water supply or drain lines so that they’re hidden behind the wall, which can make their installation more difficult and expensive. Before to long it was time for to start adding new elements back into the room. We started with the tub.