Bathroom Remodel Complete

Our house is an old 1950’s farmhouse. This bathroom and our bedroom were added sometime after 1950 and before we bought it in 2004. In 2011, we made the bedroom look original to the house and now it’s the bathroom’s turn.

The cabin bed was a shop bought bed unit, which came in kit form, that’s made from standard contiboard for the sides and cupboards and a high density flooring grade chipboard for mattress base. Originally the cabin bed was freestanding, however with major modifications to the interior and back I converted it into a fitted cabin bed unit. Part of the modification was to make a headboard from some scrap plywood, faced with furniture foam and upholstered with some furniture fabric which I salvaged from an old sofa. The cabin bed was then set just over six inches (150mm) away from the back wall to accommodate the fitted bookcase and bedside shelf.

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The next night three other friends started painting. Kari announced a mystery painter extraordinaire would join us later. That was my friend with whom I had taught preschool. Oh what a delight to see her. We had a blast despite the weather being uncooperative. The paint didn’t dry as quickly as we had expected. We had to add more days for painting.

Listen from the experts and do some price comparison prior to acquiring. Keep in mind to bring samples of the required items to avoid a number of journeys to the store. Take a image of your bathroom as this will give you a visual sense, and you will be able to pick better. When are you are going shopping, lug the exact measurements and a floor plan. Constantly balance your needs with your budget and try not to stray from your budget.