Bathroom Remodel Ideas And Inspiration For Your Home

With today’s bathroom remodeling designs, it’s never been easier to bring form, function and style together in your Long Island, NY, home. A bathroom remodel is more than just picking the right sinks, bathtub, cabinetry, and fixtures. You want a bathroom contractor who can re-imagine the layout of the bathroom and who can utilize the space to its fullest potential.

New Faucets- This is especially important if your bathroom has contractor grade faucets. New, higher quality faucets will be remembered by buyers. In my bathroom remodel I used an oil-rubbed bronze faucet that I purchased online very inexpensively. Mrs4444 – That is a nifty idea. Obviously I don’t have those, but we don’t have much spare countertop space with our massive sinks and the tower, so I’m ok with it. The heated floor? Rocks. R..C.K.S. That blasted vanity was so wedged in there! Like most old homes the walls were not completely straight so some of the drywall ended up walking off with that old vanity. Patch job straight ahead!

Kitchen remodels are one of the most dramatic improvements you can make to your home, and no wonder they’re so popular. It’s not too much to say that a kitchen remodel can give you health, happiness, and wealth — at least save you some money long-term, and get you a better price when you’re ready to move! This floor went in quickly and easily. After installation we were careful to calk every single corner or seam that was near a water source. This is very important, especially if you have kids like mine who enjoy splashing in the tub!

Old threaded galvanized pipes that object to being unscrewed can be cut out with a reciprocating saw or hacksaw. If you have metal pipes, it’s best to replace them with plastic ones where they tie into the main stack. A knowledgeable plumbing clerk at the home center can help you select the correct adapters for the conversion. Your guest bath ideas are fabulous, I love the idea of carrera marble and a white color scheme to go with it. Your inspiration images are gorgeous!!! I love the looks of all of them. Good article. I enjoy reading home décor information and this article is very easy to read and follow. Great ideas.

Leave enough space for a small waste paper bin as well as toilet brush. These can be tucked behind the toilet or inside a vanity unit. If using a vanity unit, you will want this away from water spray from the shower or it will need to be of a waterproof material. If you have been considering a bathroom remodel and don’t know where to start, Brothers Services has the expertise to guide you through the process to design and build the bathroom of your dreams.