Bathroom Remodel Progress

I had talked about it several times.. and finally convinced Mr.Z and our contractor/cabinet maker son, that we needed to remodel the bathroom now and make it accessible for the elderly and handicap.

Since 1986, we’ve helped Livonia and Metro Detroit homeowners safely and affordably improve their homes. Whether you already have a design in mind, or would like to see more options, we are the local experts when it comes to finding and installing lighting, fixtures, plumbing, cabinets and flooring. There was one good thing that came of the extensive remodeling. With all the existing fixtures gone, it was possible to redesign the layout of the bathroom and put the fixtures into a better configuration.

Wonderful colors, the cabinets are so well painted (of course) and I love the glass knobs. What I like best is that the daisy girl REALLY does look like she has a secret! She was meant for that spot. I like the glimpse of the grey and yellow floral shower curtain (think that is what it is) also. Am I the only one who is wondering if a winner was ever announced for the Wintersteen Farm wreath giveaway? I don’t see a blog announcing it before this most recent entry.

Natural light is another great addition to a kitchen. Plan ahead with your light fixture and you will have the right amount of light – day or night. Consider the round tubing skylights also – they are simple and relatively inexpensive and yet they deliver a beam of light right where you planned it. Wonderful for shady settings. I do love your bathroom – the color, the chandelier, that amazing sink – it’s fabulous! Thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities Challenge. New follower!

If you have friends who have skills you are missing, you may be able to barter with them by sharing your skills with them. Don’t forget, the trade doesn’t have to be in remodeling. You could cook, babysit or run errands while they work on installing lighting fixtures for example. All vanity hardware was replaced. The hinges ($12.98) are not my favorite but they will have to do – it’s a guest bathroom after all. The pulls ($20.79 for 10) on the other hand, I am loving them. I bought enough for our kitchen when we update that. More on that later. Way later! Between this and the kitchen it certainly was a nightmare Peg. But you did a wonderful job and the bathroom looks great.