Bathroom Remodel Under $500

One of my favorite ways to pass time is to peruse the internet looking at dream living spaces, it is just so fun! I particularly enjoy looking at bathrooms, and maybe that is because I have three bathrooms in our house that are in need of updates. I did do an update on Miss 19 Year Old’s bathroom, but it definitely was a budget update, and is still not complete (sad, I know). There is so much I could do if only I had unlimited funds! Are you feeling me? Designing my dream bathroom would bring me so much joy!

The mirrors once removed from their original fittings can either be hung ‘as is’ straight onto the wall or a new frame (in any style, including contemporary); the frame can be made to fit the mirror or the mirror can be cut to size to fit the frame. I just did a kitchen reno and found the perfect island light, but boy you surely found some wonderful choices. Fabulous lens.

I’ve been thinking of going into business buying structurally sound houses and remodeling for resale. I have the knowledge and contacts, and it’s a lot of fun. Angel Blessed I love the lens. You give awesome decorating advice and lovely photos to help the viewer visualize what you are talking about. Just a wee bit of advise. The only thing I would consider adjusting is the rows and rows and rows of Amazon lighting links. Break up the modules to be easier on the eyes with either content or large images. Nice lens! The kitchen designs are excellent and liked them a lot. I will recommend this to one of my friend, as she is in a plan to design her kitchen newly.

Hi. this is a great hub! I find that clever use of wall cabinets can do wonders to space use of your bathroom. I use the ones with mirror on them. Pretty depressing stripey, eh? Not pictured is our very small, old, dated (seeing a reoccurring theme here?) sink/vanity that was the same color as the door. Tub surrounds are a great way to improve the visual appeal of your bathroom. Many times, the bathtub itself is fine – it’s the surrounding tile that makes it appear old and dated. A beautiful new tub surround can breathe new life into an old bathtub!

Awesome tips. At this point, my bathroom has ZERO style. It’s completely bare bones, and a lot of the fixtures are… well, they’ve seen better days. After reading this Hub, I feel inspired to look into at least getting some new faucets or something. Thanks for reminding me about all the potential improvements I can make! Don’t use large tiles in assymetrical rooms… the weirdness of the asymmetry is enhanced by multiple times! The first major DIY project maximises on the use of space by combining several mini projects into a complementary corner scheme to create a practical and functional use of space as part remodelling the main bedroom.