Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Bathrooms are no longer just an afterthought for modern homeowners. Today’s bathrooms are often beautiful, with user-friendly sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Outdated and obsolete bathroom fixtures are being replaced with chic and efficient new designs, making for the perfect marriage of form and function. One area that’s getting special attention is the bathtub-shower. Frameless shower doors are turning heads and changing the look of contemporary bathrooms. They’re bright and sophisticated, and they make your bathroom appear more spacious than it actually is.

Denise, The color scheme definitely is set by the clean white background to the shower curtain’s energizing display of colorful butterflies! I like the way that you’ve picked up those colors – which even make the outdated tiles palatable! – in your additions, especially the white of the wicker, the green of the mat, and the blue in the towel. It’s also really cheery to see the reds in the nightlight and the scrubber.

I’m mostly done with a renovation on a small bathroom with a tub. Once I knew what was staying what was going that made figureing the costs much easier. Estimated costs for everything I would need for almost a year. I budgetted about $1,800. I figure I have another $500 in expenses to finish. Saved alot on doing most of the work and hiring for the electrical and plummbing. Hint, if you make the problem assesible it makes the job cheaper.

All of these suggestions are so helpful. Where to hang the picture, not bright enough lighting and wall colors.. we did pick colors that were softer tones at least and they worked well. My favorite color was called wedding cake and no matter what you put in the room, it took on that color and was perfect. I try not to put my seating furniture up against the walls unless it is a reading or specialty corner. Pinning this.

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