Bathroom Remodeling Strategies

The best part of this bathroom is the Pottery Barn vanity, which fit perfectly in this space. It came with the marble top and the sinks. The tilt mirrors also came from Pottery Barn. The sconces are from Restoration Hardware.

Arlene-that remodeling price is for the birds!!! I do understand the small bathroom and one bath homes. I am familiar with that area that you live in. Back in Michigan when I owned a home I had a similar situation: one bathroom upstairs and two doors-one from the hallway and the other leading to the master bedroom…what the heck! Well, that isn’t my problem now. Good luck to you with this dilemma!

Compare this job to replacing your old tile with new tile. You might think that since you’ve laid floor tiles before that you have the skills necessary for tiling your bathroom walls, but this probably isn’t the case. Wall tiles are much more difficult to place properly than are floor tiles. For one thing, you have gravity working against you. Even if you can lay the wall tiles yourself, your bathtub will be out of commission for quite a while, until the grout cures completely. Even then, you’ll be inviting the same types of problems you had with the old tile – stains, mold, and mildew.

Color helps to achieve a sense of quiet, contemplation. Warm colors or cool will depend on what your preference is. The walls of my tiny bathroom are a dull yellow. I brighten the room with a summer color scheme of brighter yellows and reds, oranges. In the fall and winter I may choose a different color scheme. That’s the fun part about decorating-you can easily change it up, for a change of pace, or to go with the seasons.

I do enjoy our 10 acres of property which backs up to a 7 acre pond and is surrounded by about 600 acres of wooded farmland. Besides not having the income to do the major renovations I’d like to, I have spent many hours with my children fishing in the pond, many hours playing in the yard with kids and dogs or shooting baskets on the driveway, many hours deer and turkey hunting….and most hours just trying to earn a paycheck.