Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas, Tips & How To’s

Laminate wood floors are more popular than ever, they look good, they are fairly inexpensive and they are easy to maintain. If you have or are thinking about installing new flooring, you will want to find out how to clean them that will preserve them and keep them looking new!

I was beyond eager to work on this bathroom since I found out family was coming out to visit. I wanted to be sure that our guests could enjoy a comfortable, clean, and inviting bathroom experience. Because of my excitement, I didn’t get many before pictures. In fact, I only have three and they are all of the vanity. So please use your imagination and I will walk you through the remodel.

My house is from the 70s. Even though it is mine, the bathroom is the worst place in our home. It is best that I ignite a bomb in there, blow it up, and start all over. Bathroom, sink, and toilet? They all need to go. And so do the cabinets. Interesting article and plenty of suggestions. Unfortunately, there is no hope for my bathroom other than to gut it. Even my jacuzzi is outside! LOL! It’s easier to rent a place and decorate the bathroom temporarily. But if you own a sorry bathroom with outdated everything? Now, that’s tragic! You need to shell out extra to improve it. $$$ But, there is some hope if change my thinking a little and make some changes.

For fixing the contiboard (laminated chipboard) together you could use nails or chipboard screws and glue although this doesn’t usually make for a strong construction and it can look unsightly with nails or screws being visible down the outside of the bookcase. Although in the DIY project for the second bedroom I show you how oval nails can sometimes be successfully used for to great effect for shelving. Other methods of fixing shelves include drilling holes and fixing shelving with concealed dowel and glue although this requires precision woodworking to get it spot on so the shelves are perfectly straight, level and square; and therefore can be quite a time consuming process.

One of the advantages of a wet room, is the ease of cleaning. Tiles are much easier to clean than dealing with a shower cubicle. Your wet room doesn’t have to be tiled to the ceiling. It can be tiled up to where water may splash. The rest can be painted to the ceiling. For example if someone in your family is 6′ tall. The tiles will need to be above this level as water may splash above when hair is being washed for example. The wall tiles can be smooth but I would definitely recommend textured tiles on the floor.