Budget Bathroom Remodel II (2)

We have showers! Well, kind of. They’re not functioning yet but they’re getting close. Let’s start with the Master bathroom shower. It looks HUGE but the actual usable/splashable space makes up about 2/3’s of the below green area.

Another thing to consider is the moisture. Since mold and mildew develop easily in a bathroom, and humidity and temperature change often, it’s a good idea to invest in high quality paint with a satin finish. You may also want to go over the ceiling with a special bathroom paint that helps resist the growth of mold. Talk to your neighbors, friends and family about their projects. Use Angie’s List to find local bathroom remodeling professionals and read consumer reviews on their work.

You guys did a FABULOUS job!!! I love all the open shelving you added in around the door and in the shower stall. I also love the white color scheme… It makes the space so fresh and bright! I also love the beadboard ceiling… It’s something I wanted to do in our bathroom but am not able to do on my own! The elapsed time required to complete the typical bathroom remodel can be significantly longer than suggested by the total work hours. Expect that no more than 15 – 25 hrs of labor will be completed per typical work week.

The idea is to achieve a balance between all the elements, and to make sure that non-compatible elements are placed away from each other. For this reason, you would never want your stove right next to your sink. Specifically, the best place for the sink would be North (for Career), East (for Family and Health) or SouthEast (for Wealth). I love ideas like this. We have an old house and I like character and using old furniture. Looks lovely – up and awesome.

The new bead board ceiling is fab. Such an easy way to cover up the old plaster. The ceilings feel higher and the room feels larger with it running horizontally. We plan to continue the same bead board ceiling in the hallway outside the bathroom (a future DIY project). Our bath remodel services received an average rating of 95% from thousands of installation customers surveyed.