Budget Bathroom Remodel II

This guide is intended to give you an overview of the permitting process for a bathroom remodel. If your project only involves replacing (like-for-like) exisiting cabinets, countertops, flooring, plumbing and/or electrical fixtures, you do not need a permit.

I emailed you awhile back about being featured on (where I work with Cassity scheduling guest features). I haven’t heard back, so I just thought I would drop you a line here in case my email got stuck in the spam filter. If you’re interested in being featured, will you drop me a line at hello@? Thanks! What a drool-worthy bathroom! Love the light fixtures, the tile, the mirrored cabinets beside the vanity. Gorgeous!

As for a theme: Well, if you have a favorite interest or hobby you can add it to the walls via pictures, or reflect this in well chosen accessories, such as a toothbrush holder, soap dish and trash can. There is a plethary of eyecatching themes in any home decorating department store. The print is of the Camden Lighthouse in Maine and I purchased it while visiting Camden. The sea urchins, sand dollars, and star fish were also all purchased for just a few dollars in Camden.

Make sure you can get hold of a contractor when you need him or her. Be cautious of businesses that list only a post office box address but no street address or that use an answering service. Don’t hire unsolicited, door-to-door contractors or those who can’t prove their qualifications. Never hire a contractor that insists you pay cash up front. Suggestions from friends or Angie’s list should be your starting point when looking for a contractor.

This is all a lot of work but this is another way of doing it yourself. Rather than strapping on a tool belt you’re taking on project management type of duties and it’s much easier than hauling out piles of old drywall and old tile and spending two days hunched over tile work. Shadows should not be cast while preparing and cooking food. Ensure that your kitchen is well lit with incandescent bulbs or halogen lights. Learn about the Seward Park home remodel in Seattle, WA with homeowner Jane Bremner, architect Gustave Carlson, and H&H project lead Dan Whitmore. Your breakdown does not include light fixtures or faucets. These add another $600 or more to the estimate.