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Finishing Basement Ideas

In an average home, basements comprise approximately one third available space of the house; and it’s commonly noticed that most basements are used as storage repositories, makeshift laundry rooms, or home offices. In one word, most basements are used less than it should be. Here, we are going to discuss some of the cost-efficient basement remodeling ideas which will help you to utilize the space in your basement to its optimum with very little spending.

I’m not sure how much the water guard system will cost, not familiar with that system. But a 460 square foot finished basement, if you did most of the work yourself, should cost between 4,600 and 7,000. That’s if you do the framing, permits, electrical, plumbing, trim and doors, hire out the drywall. I work as a framer and my boss has told me that subfloor should be done first so that your walls have …

Exactly What Should You Know Before Hiring A Basement Remodeling Specialist?

So you’ve got a basement and have decided that it’s time to turn that space into some kind of livable arrangement. Whatever it was that brought you to that decision is certainly going to drive you into what type of room you are trying to create. Whether it’s a workout room, a bedroom or possibly a new entertaining space that you want to use, you’re going to have to at some point think about the flooring that your going to lay down to make that space useable.

If your vision for new living space in your basement extends beyond these basic ingredients, there are plenty more options from Basement Systems to consider. Our sister company, Total Basement Finishing, offers even more innovative products designed for creating dream basements. Never Remodel Your Basement Again! The Toughest Basement Finishing Products On The Planet! Water-Proof, Mold & Mildew Proof.

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Read This Before You Finish Your Basement

This article contains some real how to information! not just a bunch of text to get you to click on links. I will give you some real practical advice on how to clean up and repair water damage whether it be from a flood, plumbing leak, or roof leak. First off you need to stop the water! If it is a leak in your plumbing you will probably have to shut the water main off at the street (or pressure tank if you are on a well). If the water is coming from roof damage a tarp will normally work for a quick fix. If it’s from a flood you will need sandbags to try to divert the water away from the house. This will only work for small flooding areas. In a big flood you will just have to wait it out.

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If your water-damaged basement was finished with conventional building materials, you already know how poorly it performed. Drywall got soggy. Painted surfaces became stained. Wood paneling and trim became warped and moldy. Carpeting began to smell.

Instead of setting up a full-size ironing board in the laundry room, purchase a wall-mounted version that folds down and stores neatly away when not in use. This frees up valuable laundry room square footage. You can also find models that feature shelves to hold your iron and ironing supplies. Well, I think fresh paint is always the first step in nearly any remodel project, and it often makes the biggest difference.

Jeff Potvin, a Civil Engineer and the owner of Architectural Concrete Consultants, has nearly fifteen years of experience in the architectural concrete industry. His experience includes stamped concrete, overlays, form-liners, acid stains, counter tops and coatings. Multi-activity space such as this are …

Basement Refinishing Ideas

This basement space shows it doesn’t take a lot of square feet to create a wine cellar of stellar proportions.

If you want to have a storage are and hide your heater and hot water heater than of course a wall needs to be put up. So, using your tape measure and your imagination, look to see exactly how much room you will need for storage and work room around your heating equipment. Maintaining the same footprint allows us to make some necessary, but largely cosmetic changes right now, and leave re-plumbing the room for the future.

You’re right in that costs do matter, and another matter is style – whether the window would blend in with your house. Good guide you have here. I’m into home improvement myself. I added old family photos in the bathroom, photos of family members at the beach or lake. I was watching Hoda …

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There are many people in the world who have a house which has a basement attached to it. Basement refers to an extra room or a set of rooms which are located underground. Most of the time, it is known that basements are used for the prime purpose of storage. Storage can be about anything like books, junk and other such things. But there comes a time in a person’s life when they want to brighten the dark and sometimes musky basement to a place which is full of space. For this purpose it is best for a person to contact a remodeling company which specializes in basements.

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Cost To Remodel A Basement

This collection of basement pictures perfectly illustrates the advantages of installing an Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System in your home. For many people, the basement is little more than a dreary part of the house that’s used mostly for storage. However, when remodeled properly, this neglected area can be transformed into one of the most popular places in the home. But don’t take our word for it. Read the reviews and thumb through this gallery of home photos and basement pictures to see for yourself the advantages of installing the Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System.

It can vary greatly with your material choices. Stain your concert, couple hundred. Installing high-end carpet, couple thousand. I know more than a few people who did there’s at $8 sq. foot. They just wanted a bare bones basement to get started. You can always upgrade you carpet, molding, lighting etc. Energy savings. Many unfinished …

Basement Remodeling

Basement Finishing System Unlimited panels are breathable and won’t trap moisture, reducing the chances of rot and mold growth.

A number of factors contribute to the overall expense of a basement remodel. Be sure to evaluate the condition of your basement and talk with your contractor about how its features or limitations relate to selecting appropriate materials and performing prep work for your renovation. Spending extravagant amounts of money will not expand the pool of potential buyers. Most buyers look for finished walls, ceilings and floors in a remodeled basement as well as proper wiring to accommodate televisions and computers.

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Now. What is the cost of a basement for you? Well…. That depends. I have some information below that will help you figure that out.

As you can see this is a very detailed estimate, the material allowance for fixtures are provided on a separate spread sheet. Any overage on the material is absorbed by the owner in this example. It is also noted the approximate time to complete the job; this is a very important detail. Do not leave it open ended. In Michigan, there’s two main concerns to keep in mind for your basement flooring – The likelihood of flooding and the side effects from both cold and dry weather.

Wow, my diy skills are fairly good for some projects but hopeless for others. Loved the you tube videos. For some strange reason I never thought to check out youtube for diy. This is very helpful. Voted up …

Basement Remodeling Plans

Deciding to purchase replacement windows for your home is a big deal. The cost can be quite high depending on what style and type of window you choose. So knowing the correct questions to ask is not only important, but essential for the wallet.

Thanks Mom, I had some help from Bean and Pie. I am still digging around for the pictures from Big Nam’s place. We took some before and after shots. I can’t seem to find the before shots. Oh well…I’ll have to hit up the girls. Did you finish this? I am looking at putting a circular staircase in the closet, hidden by a bookcase. Would love to hear how this worked out.

I am currently a Wisconsin licensed contractor performing remodeling services for residential and commercial customers in Northeastern Wisconsin. My focus remains on quality with an emphasis on enegy efficiency. Sports theme. Pictures and large …