Cool Basement Remodeling Ideas ~ Modern Home Design And House Decorating Pictures

Basements offer a bonus for homeowners looking to increase living space. But unlike the rest of the house, these below-grade rooms require thoughtful planning and prep work.

Our living room was the holding area for our new cabinets, appliances, flooring materials, and light fixtures. Western theme. Sand colors, pictures of adobe buildings or national parks, an old dried skull on the shelf, cactus plant. Armed with books, videos and rental tools, homeowners across the country started tackling jobs that were previously the exclusive domain of builders and contractors.

Good hub. A friend and myself are planning a Redneck murder mystery dinner and this has some helpful information for our party! We are so excited and can’t wait to be utterly obnoxious! Thanks for the post! Hope that helps! It has been an amazingly fun and rewarding project. I hope it will add around $40k to the value of my house. Excellent work. In this day and age, it is important to repurpose, to keep all of this out of our landfills. Good work, and keep on doing the same thing with the rest of the house. Travel theme. An Eiffel tower on the dresser, pictures of foreign cities or sights, world maps, a road painted all around the walls leading to different scenes.

Finally, you need to consider the purpose of your basement. Think about the space you are creating and its purpose, whether it’s a laundry room, entertainment room or storage space. This in addition to the expected level of traffic should guide you to choose the perfect flooring. Recently we had a pipe lick in our kitchen. I am looking for some cleaning services online to get the -services/water-damage for water damage services who could help me remove the stains and clean the kitchen with proper disinfectants.

This latency will not allow the concrete floor acid stain to penetrate as is needed to provide a beautiful concrete acid stain application so we need to use a floor maintainer (buffer) with a black or green scrub pad and TSP (trisodium phosphate) or our favorite, Super Blue , to scrub and shop vac the floor clean. I love this as an idea and it looks wonderful. It sounds like renovating your farm house is a labor of love for you. Good thing you’re so creative and able to re-purpose so many things. Another great hub. Are you going to do the work yourself with all your spare time? I look forward to seeing your ‘after’ photos!