Cool Basement Remodeling Ideas That You Have To See

My One Call LLC in conjunction with is a Basement Finishing referral service. We are a Gold Star recipient with the Better Business Bureau 2002-2007, and have help thousands of home owners find a reliable Basement finishing company. Over the course of many years the following represents the most frequently asked questions about contractors.

Once homeowners see how beautiful and easy to maintain decorative stained concrete floors can be, they often are eager to rip up their grungy carpets and yellowed vinyl tiles to expose the concrete underneath. These enlightened homeowners have become a significant market segment for stain applicators. But those newly naked floors often need extreme cleaning before they can be adorned with chemical stains.

He helps contractors get started in the industry with hands on training, promoting, product selection and troubleshooting. Property owners such as theme parks and retail stores consult with him on product sourcing and maintenance issues. Architects and Engineers utilize Jeff’s knowledge on the preparation of specifications and on educational presentations. He is a member of ASCE, ACI, ASCC, IAAPA and the DCC.

The other issue you’ll have to deal with for some flooring is to make sure that the concrete floor is semi-level. One of the best ways to do this is to install a subfloor. There are a multitude of benefits to a basement subfloor , some of which being that it’ll let the concrete breath and you won’t get that musty-mildewy smell that’s so familiar in most basements. Yes, concretes a pourous material so water will condense at times and it’s nice to know that that condensation won’t ruin all your hardwork.

I think I would like one. My husband and I talked about building a Quonset hut home before we bought the damned” underground house. I mean that literally because the house has to be damned. Anyway, I’m curious about the insulation. I suppose one would insulate with the amount needed for the area and then wall over it like in a conventional house. Thanks for the information. Oh, the ugly one, the folks were just trying to beautify a plain Jane the best way they could. Living in an ugly home myself, I sympathize.