Cost Of Finishing Basement

Have big dreams for your basement? Here’s what you need to know to turn your basement ideas into a beautiful living space.

Electric panels are not allowed within closets or bathrooms. A required working clearance of at least 30” wide and 36′ deep in front of the panels must be provided. The panels should remain accessible so that the cover can be removed and accessed for future wiring needs or repair and maintenance. Everyone involved was great. I had some major problems with my basement and from the first visit to the end was a great experience.

The versatility of this basement finishing system allows for you to do virtually anything. Add an extra bedroom and living space, or mount a TV on our studless basement walls and design an entertainment room! There is always the option of painting your concrete floor and use a few area rugs to make it a little warmer look. This is another way to save some money and still have a finished look. WOW what a talented family! So cool that you all can do all this work yourselves! I have the same blue/green shabby chic bedspread as you. Found it at TJ Maxx.

What I purchased was a toilet made by Saniflo and this toilet is designed for pumping uphill. It is a macerating and gray water pump system. It can pump uphill 16 feet and as far over as 150 feet to your main sewer drain. The downside of vinyl is that it’s susceptible to damage if the basement’s concrete slab is not level. Imperfections also easily show in this case, although this shouldn’t be a problem if you have made sure the basement floor is level before installation.

Thanks Arlene, I have a room downstairs that looks like the first picture, only because both of my children recently moved out and those where their leftovers. I am planning on turning it into my quiet reading and writing room. I love to do my own crafts, so I have a feeling I will have plenty of stuff to clutter it up with. Check out the incredible transformation of this basement in Racine, Wisconsin! This woman now has a lovely space for entertaining instead of a dark, musty basement.