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Often times, the basement simply becomes a storage area or has unused space that can be transformed through a basement remodeling job from Steve Jackson Home Remodelers. Let Steve Jackson Home Remodelers help you transform your basement into another usable area that your family can enjoy. You can add in a home theater, entertainment area or put in an exercise room. If your family continues to grow, you may want to add in a new bedroom and bathroom. We have done numerous basement remodeling jobs for our customers and they all bring new life to your home.

My wife and I are doing the install, and we are ordering from HD. Were doing 3 windows like this (see links to pics). I want to use the interior dims to save hassle (I dont want the new window install screws to miss the framing) but my wife wants to use the exterior dims, without cutting back the sill/drywall and doesn’t think the framing will be an issue. Please advise on best practice.

Fiderio & Sons has the advantage of being able to offer high quality design services PLUS the best installation and construction work in the state. We work with the country’s leading home products and materials manufacturers to ensure your new basement will be crafted with only the highest quality materials. That way you will be able to enjoy your basement for many years to come.

All the doors still need their topcoat of white and a few touch-ups here and there, but it’s pretty much done. We chose really plush carpet and a thick pad to make it fun to relax on (we’ve already had two sleepovers down there!) It’ll be fun to accessorize, arrange the shelves more pleasingly and get to those slipcovers. It was a big project but taught our whole family the power of doing things yourself and the satisfaction that comes with it.

Jason – have you ever heard of the website? There is a cost vs. value section which outlines by region what certain types of remodeling projects cost, on average, and what you get back for the spend when you sell. There is a basement remodel section there, I live in NJ and was looking at the mid-atlantic region – the averages seemed extremely high, and contrary to your $25-$30 per sq ft baseline for contracting out.