DIY Cheap Kitchen Remodel

I don’t blame you if you forgot. After all I began the project back in March. If you remember there were all sorts of setbacks. But basically this was the BEFORE”. Brown yucky cabinets, old faucets, a nasty vanity top…you get the idea.

Once you have the layout down pat and you know the stuff that will fit into your new bathroom, you can then begin to focus on the other ingredients that will make it say, LOOK! Tiles make a bathroom stand out and get noticed while making the walls and floors easy to clean and maintain. Choosing the right tile can be an overwhelming task; but, knowing the color scheme you have in mind for the walls and ceilings, will make selecting the tiles an easier task. Tile colours can be matched to the paint colours or they can be made to contrast, as in using black tiles against a white painted room. The size of the bathroom will usually determine the size of the tiles you will most likely use.

Next the top sections of the walls were painted. I left this job to my fiancé because I am not a very great painter. We removed everything from the walls, medicine cabinet, shelve, and curtain rods. We taped off the molding around the ceiling and the top of the tiles on the walls. We also covered the toilet and sink with plastic bags just in case the paint splattered while rolling it on to the walls. It took two coats of paint to cover the panelling completely. Once dried we replaced the items we had taken down.

The really hard part in getting started remodelling is getting the seed money. And if there are delays in construction due to weather etc. then your holding costs (like electricity and mortgage payments during construction) get so high that any profit is reduced. So much to consider. Before my hubby injured his back we did a lot of our own remodelling.

Use high grade washable flat paint on the walls. A flat finish is a bit more elegant than semi-gloss. High quality paint tends to cover better with fewer coats. In the long run you can actually save money using good paint. Cheaper paints may require more just for basic coverage. I am partial to Sherwin Williams Their paint is excellent and there is seldom any wait for service.