Easy DIY Updates Take A Conversion Van To Custom Cool

Complete your custom bathroom design with our Design Studio, and then schedule your Free In-Home Consultation with one of our trained professionals.

The #1 remodeling nightmare is that the final cost on a custom remodeling project has little resemblance to the upfront cost that was presented when the initial contract was signed. We call this cost creep.” If your budget is not handled correctly, cost creep will become an absolute fact of your remodeling project. We provide a breakdown of project scope, line-by-line, giving each customer Cost Certainty.

Tile the walls first, then the floor. When tiling around the window, keep the tile about 1/8 in. away from the glass block. Tile the floor, starting by carefully snapping center lines to lay out border strips and field tile. Work from those lines to get evenly spaced tiles throughout the floor. Grout the walls and floors but caulk the inside corners between floors and walls and where walls meet.

The contractor will accommodate the removal, but if it cannot be done because it is a support wall, then the contractor will meet with the architect noting that the removal will jeopardize the support. The architect will meet with you with new ideas for redesigning that particular wall to satisfy you and the integrity of the support which was discovered by the contractor.

Our design team will come to you for an in-home design consultation. We want you to describe your plans for your kitchen or bath. We will offer our expert advice on how to best implement those plans while staying within your budget. We will take all the necessary measurements, listen to your choices for colors and materials, and make sure that it will work together smoothly. We will provide you with a comprehensive estimate. Once we have your approval, we will secure the necessary permits so we can begin.