Finished Basement Remodeling Contractors In Livonia, MI

Taking an unfinished basement and turning it into a finished room for your home seems daunting, but the team at Elite Remodeling knows exactly how to get you what you want from your project.

A snap-together laminate flooring system – Average of $7 to $11 per square foot at 536 square feet for a cost of $5896 installed. I love this article! Our master bathroom is in dire shape, with a harvest gold toilet and duct tape over broken tiles. We’re planning on renovating it soon, and we will need to maximize the space! The designer sinks are amazing: now I’m off to dream of a brighter (and better designed) bathroom!

So we were suddenly left with a blank slate, it was time to refinish this 500sq, with not much of a budget. Budget -to enjoy the results for a longer time, you have to allot enough budget to ensure quality. And to avoid breaking the bank, stick to the budget established. If you have to cutback on expense, spend it wisely without sacrificing both beauty and functionality. After wall is complete now is the time to figure out how much sheet rock will be needed for your new wall. Plan accordingly and you will have a successful home remodeling project that you can be proud of both visually inside and out.

Flooring – engineered wood, carpet, simulated wood laminate? Flooring options can add a grand or two depending on what you get. But, if you need to go cheaper, I stained my concrete floor for about $300. I plan to add carpet eventually but for now the kids love riding their bikes down there. As well, as an unused, cold space, the attic walls and roof had never been insulated, so no heating ducts had ever been let into the attic. It was decided that with proper insulation, it would be possible to heat the new studio with an electric space heater.

However, finding the right cleaning product is often a trial-and-error proposition, she admits. You can’t always tell what a stain on concrete is by appearance alone. What you may assume is an oil-based stain may be something else. We recommend that contractors test products first to verify their effectiveness. They were able to take one small load into the backyard, but in the process they drove across the patio and destroyed this 2′ x 2′ paver that was covering a cistern.