Finishing Basement Walls

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The curves of the distinctly arched window created by Richardsonian sine curves can extend to tall half-rounds as shown to the right. The framing and the roofing are more complicated and the cost is significantly more than a standard window. However, the lasting impact and the long life may make this the most effective remodeling project for your family’s home.

Luckily, these days there is such a wide range of basement flooring ideas that you could consider. Most don’t even realize the amount of options they actually have and an absolute plethora of places where they could find ideas. Looking thru trade and decorating magazines as an example. You could even get out of the house and check out some of the choices at your local home improvement and flooring stores. I bet you’d be surprised at simply the different variations, styles and colors that there are on the market today.

Hi Patti – Well, if you are the general contractor you can save quite a bit – but it sounds like you’d be hiring out all of the phases and not doing any yourself? I would say 20 – 25 k is your range. The wait until the basement concrete cures (dries out)” is a common myth. There are thousands of homes built brand new with finished basements that are just fine.

The top basement remodeling companies know how to make a house owner relaxed when making this type of tough decision. You should never be forced into a contract, and if you feel that way, it should throw-up a warning sign. They have to supply all the appropriate information and be sure you completely understand all aspects of the job, from cost to schedule, before ever finalizing a contract.