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Remodeling Magazine releases just about every year some of the top remodeling/renovation projects done by homeowners and breaks them down by cost versus value. In this years report, siding replacement was in or at the top in both mid-range and upscale remodeling projects nationwide showing just how much on average siding replacement cost and your actual return on the investment of having the siding replaced.

Every year in Wisconsin, millions of dollars are spent on basement flood cleanup, restoration and replacement of flood-damaged property. To make matters worse, the damage is never covered under homeowners insurance, and even special flood insurance establishes coverage limits when it comes to basements. Even if your basement is properly waterproofed and has a good working sump pump, without a battery operated backup sump pump, you are at risk for a basement flood. Keep in mind that the same storms that have the potential to flood your basement can also cause power outages. No power, no pump! Battery backups are also useful in case of a primary pump failure or other electrical malfunction.

Make sure that your concrete is completely dry. This sounds like an obvious statement but you would be very surprised to know how many folks take this for granted. When we say dry we mean that it is better to leave the floor overnight to dry unless it is summer and the AC is on and a few fans are turned on. The reason for this precaution is that is if the concrete is wet or even slightly damp this will dilute the concrete floor acid stain and probably require you to spray again, therefore this is essential in the concrete acid stain application process.

Hi John. I can comment on the basement cost, but you’re on your own for the patio and stuff. I’m basements only! For 1,700 square feet I’d say between 50k and 60k for the basement. My advice would be to bid those two projects out separately and if you’re planning to have the same guy do both, that’s okay, but do one then the other – just to ensure the quality is solid.