How I Refurbished An Old Medicine Cabinet

Today, the countertop and sink are being installed in my bathroom remodel. I’m so excited to see the finishing pieces come together. I’ve spent the last two days prepping walls, priming drywall and painting the trim, ceilings and walls. We’re in the home stretch now and I can’t wait to share photos with you when it’s complete!

Just liked your Facebook page. A link to your lens shows up at my lens about the art of feng shui under the section for EXPLORE RELATED PAGES. FYI. Bathrooms would be first on my list. Adding grid tied solar power and upgrading and relocating central air upstairs would be next. If those were already done, remodel sunroom and detached garage. I think there was a whole generation of people with no taste….just can’t pin down exactly when it was.

We offer a wide range of flexible financing options to kick start your installation including Home Depot’s Consumer Credit Card and Project Loan, plus one competitive project price on any bath remodel. He did the same thing around this built-in cabinet. I’ve mentioned it before, but this house is just loaded with built-in storage. One of the big selling points for me! At our showroom, you can pick out the bathroom products you want for the remodel, as well as receive any additional design assistance you may need. Wow! Thanks ripplemaker! I’ll hop over right away and see what’s happening – thanks so much for the heads up!

Rose Cobis purchased this Quonset hut from the city of Kodiak, Alaska, and made it her own. I think Rose has a thing for wood. She’s probably reading a book about wood. Taking down walls and removing closets might seem a bit intimidating to consider. But, in many cases, there is not that much work involved and the value created is immeasurable. A residential contractor can help you with ideas and work estimates. All you have to do is imagine the possibilities.

OK, the sink and cabinet are absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I’m in love with it! Shows that you are better off finding used items and creating your own masterpiece at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new with much less character and personality. A super transformation and great wall color which really makes that ceiling pop! Choose plants that do not need lots of sunlight. Low light plants thrive best in bathrooms. However, if you choose plants that need a little more light you can place them on windowsills or hang them in front of the bathroom windows.