How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger (2)

The above photo was taken when we did a walk through on the house. At the time, this was the only bathroom in the house and it certainly was not in the worst condition I’ve ever seen, thankfully, but we definitely knew we wanted to update it eventually.

Brilliant page! Just added moving the furniture to my long list of things to do 🙂 Love your tips, and struggle with one of them. Here is New Zealand, walls are white. In fact, the fashion is mostly black or white. When we went to sell our house the agent told use we should re-paint all our feature walls (just a touch of color, nothing obscene) back to white. So now, the walls are all boring again, but the house value is up. Also, really loved your tip of taping the rug area. Blessed.

Eat Healthier Meals. Cooking at home doesn’t just bring bring people together, it’s also healthier. A recent study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health showed that people who frequently cook meals at home eat healthier and consume fewer calories than those who cook less.” When you cook at home, you know exactly what ingredients are going into a dish. You can make smarter choices while still enjoying a delicious meal. With an updated kitchen, you’ll be more likely to want to hang out there—and cook!

In person it’s a beauty! I’m always nervous ordering furniture or cabinets online but this one is really nice, the paint job is flawless and the marble top is gorgeous, I love the raised molding detail on the sides and drawers. At 48” wide, it fits the bathroom space perfectly and I prefer the white finish against the gray floor so this is a happier ending.

On the left is the room after I pulled down the panelling and tiles. See the storage over the tub? Weird… and claustrophobic! On the right is after I ripped the whole tub enclosure down and installed the new insulation. Lucky for me, someone had walled over the original window opening so all I had to do was cut through the sheathing and siding and add a little more framing for the size of the window I bought. Are you beginning to understand why this room needed to be gutted? I only wish I had thought to photograph it before I began!!!