How To Repair Drywall (Sheetrock®)

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If the hole was caused by a door knob or another object hitting the wall, a patch may hide the hole but it is not strong enough to hold up to another impact. Patching with a new piece of drywall will be a better solution. If you are using real garland, wrap floral or light wire around it before hanging, so that it can bend where you want it to. Other garland of course, has wire built in it for your bending needs. There are many brands of push fittings. I’ve worked with SharkBite and Souix Chief myself and not had problems with either.

Thank you all for your comments. A tool belt is an important part of any handyman or women. There is nothing I dislike more then going into the garage to find my tools when I am working in the house. So having a tool belt to keep them near is a real time saver. Below I will explain and show you a foolproof method for drywall repair that’s as close to perfect as possible.

Recently i went for camping and due to rough weather i got my tent sheet torn. Then one of my friend got me a Coghlan tent repair kit and i felt its quite handy in repair of tent. Enjoy Camping!! Papas Handyman has over 40 years experience in the drywall industry, and a built reputation for quality workmanship at an affordable price to our San Francisco clients and beyond!

A simple repair can be done with an aerosol repair kit, while more extensive damage may require replacing the ceiling drywall. Popcorn ceiling repair isn’t all that difficult once you have mastered mixing the dry ingredients with water to obtain the correct consistency. These long skewers come in handy when repairing the bindings on books. If you want to learn to make a few book repairs by watching a YouTube Video, then please visit DIY: A Book Repair Video Showcase. Use an inside-corner knife to smooth the drywall compound. Hold the knife at a slight angle to the corner.