I Bought The Farm

Bathrooms are often among the smallest rooms in the house, but they are rich with opportunity in a green remodel. No matter what the design goals for the renovation, two practical essentials are managing water and steam and selecting durable materials that are made to handle what’s often a tough environment.

Plywood is made up from several layers of thick wood veneer glued together with the grain of each layer being at 90 degrees to the layers above and below making it a very strong and versatile wood. My shadow is a small, but persistent feline, FORGET-ME-NOT, but even she can take up way too much space sometimes. Thanks for stopping by. I have to smile when I think of your tiny bathroom full of one person and four dogs, lol.

It wouldn’t let me add my newest hub to the post, so I am adding it here. I don’t know if it will qualify, but either way, I hope everyone gets a laugh. I guess you could say this is part two of my first post here. Let me know what you think…Thanks! Solid advice. Yes it can be done inexpensively; it just takes some careful planning and thought. Voted up and useful.

The idea of sharing my ugly bathroom photos on FB, or here, was kind of not really fun for me. But, that’s a pride issue and I’m over it and if you judge me for my ugly bathroom that’s on you. Or them, the judgers, they know who they are. ChristyWrites, I am really glad we put in the closet because I don’t know where we would have put anything. This house has very little storage. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

Some of the lower priced shelving uses a cardboard backing, which doesn’t really stand up to much usage, but the higher end products use a thin paneling. I can vouch for its solidity, having had to make my own guide holes in the panel backing so I could nail it onto the shelving units – the paneling is very tough stuff. So where are we now after 10 months. We are still not done, that’s where. But we are closer. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I will shut up now and show you. So, you’ve decided that a reface might be the ticket for your new kitchen…Well, then lets get started planning it!