Master Bath Remodel

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Recycled glass and cement is an other great idea to think about when doing any remodel. You can use it , just as you would granite. I have seen the samples and I think it would look fabulous in a bathroom as a counter top or as shower walls. I love the specs of glass. The pattern in each is slightly different. It for me has a very airy feel, yet it is solid because it is of its cement composition.

The tank is concealed within a 2×6 wall that’s built in front of the existing plumbing wall. It does require some plumbing rerouting because the waste line runs through the wall instead of the basic floor-mounted toilet flange (see Photos 8 – 12). The toilet can be ordered with a wall-mounted access panel/flush button like ours or with the panel mounted on top of a half wall. A chair carrier” (Photo 11) comes with the toilet. This steel framework contains the toilet and operating mechanisms and is designed to support the weight of the toilet.

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Dark walls with white fixtures can look smart and dramatic. People are often concerned about using dark colors in a small room but it can work very well, feeling like a cozy den or cocoon. If the room really is small, it’s not going to look big no matter how light your wall colors, so why not go with it and emphasize the smallness? This can work especially well in bathrooms which don’t get heavy use, like powder rooms or guest baths.