Master Bathroom Edition (2)

Today I’m sharing with you a bathroom remodel!! This guest bathroom is actually at my Parents’ house… they did all of the work themselves.

Great tips for decorating that everyone can use! I’ve done most of these myself but I especially like using cardboard boxes for furniture placement, and making paper patterns to arrange on a wall before hanging a grouping of framed art. Angel blessings! Haha, I thought this was going to be a craft hub! My partner and I actually re-did our bathroom counter top with glass beads from the dollar store. Looks great! Linen closet in adjacent bath was reduced to add display space in a bedroom. Chicken wire was used for the cabinet doors.

Of course, care is always warranted as with tile or wood or almost any floor finish. I have seen cans dropped and the linoleum torn. The denting of the wood floor from such as drop of a can be refurbish with sanding. Water dishes for animals will need a different home but other than that your wood flooring is a great option for the kitchen. This type of furniture was all my husband and I could afford when we first got married. We have been replacing it as we are able. I never thought of recycling the old pieces into shelving. That would be great for out in our shed. Blessed.

The complete renovation took a little over a month because my husband could only work on it on nights and weekends but we are soooooo happy with the final results. It is now our little master retreat. Oh my, sounds like you went through a lot! Thanks for sharing so we can learn. I am not handy at all, so I will stay away from renovating anything for now. With everything else done, all that remained was the Floor tiles, kitchen base unit, worktops, sink and appliances, and wall tiles.

A great piece of home improvement advice is to have a contract drawn up if you will be hiring a handyman, long before they ever begin. A contract protects you. If you don’t have one, you may spend a lot more than you intended or not get the work that you were expecting. Hi another great Hub, I always forget to buy spares of things like handles and knobs and am frustrated to find they are no longer sold when i need more. Must remember to buy more. Good job on the hub.