Minimalist Home Decor Ideas

Install bathroom accessories as necessary. Towel bar, toilet paper holder, towel ring, door hook, etc. Easy enough to install with screws and mini screws.

If someone in your family is overweight, allow enough clearance on the sides of the toilet. If the sink is placed too close this could be a problem for some. The other consideration is they may use the sink to assist them in standing. This would put undue strain on the sink unit. If someone is going to need assistance, install a handrail to the side of the toilet. Remember to allow enough space so others won’t bump into this.

I finished off the newly reclaimed cupboard space in the other bedroom with a small cupboard at the top and below open shelves for TV and associated electrical equipment. For this bedroom I installed several large and deep shelves’, using laminated chipboard supported by battens all-round. And to hide the shelves I fitted two doors cut to size from more of my reclaimed laminated chipboard stored in my DIY workshop.

Mask away: I had decided to use spray primer where possible (everywhere but the vinyl wallboard which I felt was too close to too many of the other non-paint surfaces such as the ceiling and windows. For masking tape I like the green Frog Tape. More expensive but worth it in my experience. I also used plastic and cloth drop cloths over the rug and seating and paper to cover windows and other elements. This took about another 2 hours.

Since I hated the contractor grade sink, I opted to put in a new stainless steal sink and faucet as well. I chose an extra deep sink and now can fill any pot. Installation was just a matter of unhooking the plumbing and water lines from the old sink, dropping in the new one. Well, it was a little more detailed than that, but I am no plumber so my dad had it installed in about 45 minutes.