Modern Bathroom Remodel

With today’s bathroom remodeling designs, it’s never been easier to bring form, function and style together in your Long Island, NY, home. A bathroom remodel is more than just picking the right sinks, bathtub, cabinetry, and fixtures. You want a bathroom contractor who can re-imagine the layout of the bathroom and who can utilize the space to its fullest potential.

Removing the tub and chiseling off the floor tile is slated for later this week, as is a trip to home depot to check out new shower pan and door options. We are thinking simple glass with slate tile. For the sink stand we are planning to use a vintage table found at a flea market with a porcelain bowl sink on top. Since everything in the bathroom is being removed, there is a TON of work to do, but I can’t wait to really get going on it. This space has huge potential for improvement, and it will be so nice to have a clean, functioning bathroom for guests when they come to visit.

Finally I used caulking to fill in any gaps and also to seal around the edges of the sink and toilet. I applied a thin line of caulking completely around the floor against the walls, and also down the side of the sink cabinet. I used clear caulking on a tile that I could not get to sit flat due to the tile underneath, so that no liquid could get underneath any of the tile.

The trim color for the new dressing room, as well as for the bathroom, will be the same mocha color chosen for the bedroom. The bedroom trim will use the same paint as the bathroom main color, the palest of the three shades. Using the main color of the smallest room as the trim color for the largest, the bedroom, and reversing the effect in the dressing and bath rooms, will lend a feeling of continuity to the finished rooms.

Prime the RV Walls:I started with the spray primer on all the fixed interior surfaces since I knew there would be over-spray that I could correct with the traditional paint-on primer afterwards. I used a gray Rustoleum Spray Primer for the cabinets and walls which would have a dark color finish and a white spray primer for the upper cabinets which would be finished in a natural white. The spray primer leaves a really nice smooth finish. I liked it so much I almost opted to keep the grey primer as my finish coat on the vinyl wallboard.