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A bathroom is typically a small space, but it has to have a ton of functionality and flexibility while still looking clean and comfortable, preferably spa-like — so it definitely deserves some careful planning when it comes to remodeling to make sure it’s done right. According to US News and World Report, homeowners can expect an average 62 percent return on their investment so long as their remodel isn’t done fast and cheap and includes the things that homebuyers are looking for, like good lighting, two sinks, and neutral colors.

Before you sign off and make the final payment to a contractor, make sure you develop a punch list and ensure that the work is complete to your satisfaction. This is how the contractor will deal with the list of small items remaining to be completed at the end of the job. A good rule of thumb is to determine the cost of those items, double it, then withhold that amount from the final payment, until the contractor completes the punch list.

For homes that are valued at less than $100,000, you should spend about $10,000 for a quality bathroom remodel. In most circumstances, anything below that will include linoleum floors, a leaky bathtub, and other materials that you won’t be happy with. With a budget under $10,000, you’ll most likely end up spending more to get the job done right the second time.

The governing factor to ‘phase 1’ was fitting a shelf at the right height for easy viewing of the TV from the bed and leaving adequate space below for other associated electrical equipment; originally a video player but these days with the digital switchover the cable TV box and DVD player. Then below as many suitable sized drawers as would fit; which in this case was five. The remaining space above the TV was just ideal to fit two deep shelves for large items such as files and large books.

When you’re planning to update your bathroom, undergo an extensive bathroom remodeling project or add a bathroom to your house, one of the most important things to consider is your personal needs. Generally, it’s okay to go with the latest trend when choosing flooring, countertops and paint colors. However, to achieve the greatest amount of satisfaction in your bathroom design, you probably want to select a tub and shower design, a vanity and storage furniture based on your lifestyle and personal needs. Exploring the variety of bathroom furniture options, available at sites such as -cabinets , will give you an idea of the diversity in linen cabinet, medicine cabinet and shelf storage designs.