Installation of above ground pipes can be done on a pipe rack (pipe rack), above the piers pipe, top of the stand pipe (sleeper).

These above ground piping can also be inserted pipe equipment, namely:

  1. Pipe columns and vessel.
  2. Pipe exchanger.
  3. Pipe pumps and turbines.
  4. Pipe compressor.

Wherein each pipe fitting on this equipment have specific restrictions, to choose a quality pipe and right pipeline installation services , you can see at custom metal fabrication at Osage Piping.

such limits are as follows:

  1. Column Pipe and Vessel

Pipes will be installed on the column and the vessel should be placed radially around the column section of the pipeline road accesses the platform section.

For pipes 18 “upwards can be directly welded to the vessel, except consideration of maintenance and will be used flange connection. The use of atmospheric vent valve and hooded shall be provided at the location where the highest point of the vessel, while the drain is installed at a lower location to be determined by IP and ID.

Pressure relief valves that dump into the closed blowdown system must be lifted in order to allow the passage of spending itself into the blowdown stream.

Pressure relief valves that dispense steam into the air must be equipped with a pipe at least three meters above the 7.5 meter radius of each platform also provided the magnitude 6mm exhaust outlet or a quarter inch below in order to prevent the accumulation of fluid.

  1. Pipe Exchanger

In exchangers, piping should not be installed over areas of the canal, close the shell and other -Facilities facilities that have been installed on the exchanger or handling the like are used. Spaces are free to mounting flange exchanger must be provided. Spool nozzle mounted outside the ship in order to allow removal of the pipe bundle exchangers.

  1. Pipe Pumps & Turbines

On the suction or pipes that drain flow is also called suction pipe should be arranged in such a way to prevent a decrease in pressure and steam bag that can also cause cavitation on the impeller. If the size changes are necessary to accelerate or slow down the flow, then the eccentric reducer should be used when the bag without vent unavoidable.

Installation of the pipe at the pump and the turbine should be arranged in such a way, so easy for maintenance and repair. It is important to prevent the demolition of a large unnecessary on the maintenance and repair of the pipeline. Permanent and temporary strainer should be at the pump and turbine inlet.

As for the flow of heat and cold to be aware of flexibility, as well as the positions should buffer well and can cope with the vibrations caused by the motor and the flow pipe.

  1. Pipe Compressor

Installation of the pipe in the compressor must be set repair and maintenance. Flange pipe connection using preferred for the sake of the smooth running repairs and maintenance.

Flange pipe connection using preferred for the sake of the smooth running repairs and maintenance. The suction pipe (suction) and exhaust (discharge) should really be considered the excitability, especially for low or high temperature and high pressure. Vibration issues including the most important part of this compressor pipes, due to the dynamic loads associated with this compressor because the buffer problems, guide and anchor must be the concern planners and engineering divisions.