Remodel Bathroom Showers

RTA cabinets are a great way to save money on your next kitchen or bath remodel. They offer great value, quick turn around time, and rich features that can rival what you might find in a semi custom line costing twice as much. However, before you set your sights on imported RTA cabinets, its important that you realize what you are getting. There are several different construction methods and vast differences in finish and wood quality, overall selection and more. While you might find you can save some money, you may also find that the sacrifices you need to make may not be worth it.

Grouting turned out to be much easier that I had anticipated. I used the premixed variety in a complimentary color to my tiles. Using a grout tile, this has a rubber side, push the grout into the spaces between the tiles. You do this by pulling the trowel across the tiles at a 45 degree angle. Use a large sponge to wipe any excess grout from the face of the tiles and to smooth the grout lines. The final step is to seal all the grout lines in about a week once the grout has completely cured. Again, follow your manufacturer’s instructions.

We had some time to spare between these major alterations being completed in the kitchen and while waiting for the electrics to be done including relocating the electric sockets to their new positions. We spent this spare time to renovate the dining room, except for the new floor which obviously you don’t want to lay until all other major building works and the redecorating are complete. This part of the project, which took a couple of months to complete, was quite straight forward, I continued with the work on weekends to build a welsh-dresser into the alcove and to re-decorate the dining room.

The cabinets were connected to each other by a shelf over the window. The built-in look was completed with the addition of a window seat that joined the two cupboards across their bottoms. A drawer was added under the window seat to match the drawers in each of the now-connected chests, and quarter-round was added as trim around each of the three drawers. Then the whole piece was re-finished in a lovely light oak color.

I was afraid to open this page because I was sure I’d find I’d made most of these mistakes and I was right. I’m a self-proclaimed designer’s nightmare. We paid extra to have all the walls in our home painted a soft brown because we knew we’d never get around to painting them ourselves. I haven’t hung more than a couple of pictures. My furniture is against the wall. But you’ve given some neat ideas for making some improvements. Nicely done!