Remodeling A Small Bathroom

What a difference! It is so bright and lovely! I love that print, too. And I like your idea to paint your front door. Mine could do with a sprucing-up, too.

There are two ways to arrange pictures: Symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical groupings create a more formal feeling while asymmetrical arrangements are more casual. Items that are the same or similar in size, shape, and/or other attributes lend themselves to symmetrical arrangements – one in which items are hung equally around a center line or point.

I measured all sides of the mirror and added up the measurements to determine how many feet of moulding I would need to go around the entire mirror. Back to the home improvement store which was beginning to be like my second home, I bought two pieces of fluted moulding and four decorative squares for each corner. Since I’m a cheater and not very good at making mitered corners with moulding, this would insure that all I would have to do is make straight cuts. I also bought some heavy duty double-sided tape to stick the moulding to the mirror. I actually found it in the mirror section of my home improvement store and it’s made for that purpose and let me tell you, it really works!

Apply joint compound to the threads of the new shower arm and screw it in clockwise. Put the flange back on by sliding it over the shower arm and up against the wall, after applying a bit of plumber’s putty to secure it in place. Roll the plumber’s putty between your hands to make a ¼” thick rope and form it into a circle that is the same diameter as your flange. Press the plumber’s putty circle onto the wall and press the flange into it. You can clean up any surplus plumber’s putty with a wet paper towel.

Linen cabinets are available in wall mount designs, floor tower designs and floor cabinet designs. The starting point for the selection process should begin with you deciding on the decor style you desire. You can mix up furniture styles to create a uniquely designed decor. You’ll want to envision your bathroom in its completed state to determine what style of storage furniture you want. If you’re the neat and orderly type, a linen cabinet with open shelves could be an ideal choice for you.