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TV shows such as According to Jim, Everybody loves Raymond, King of Queens, Home Improvement and others spend 30-60 mins completely destroying the dads and husbands with hits to their cooking, sports, handyman, sexual and parenting skills. The wives and moms meanwhile just roll their eyes and pile on the insults – basically treating the men as children.

Stripes were popular in Napoleonic France and in England and were not only used on walls but spliced into intricate designs on ceilings. France and England also had a fondness for Egyptian motifs. Great invention – it solves the age old problem of pouring yourself into your fitted knee pads. What a wonderful idea and a fantastic present for father’s day, Christmas, birthday or any other holiday. Or simply as a thank you gift of appreciation for a job well done and a note detailing you notice their hard work.

I like the pent roof shed with the red door. Very cute! Love your suggestion to take everything that you want to store and arrange it so you’ll see what type of space you’ll need. Excellent idea! I’m one of those people you describe in your first sentence. I have a sense of the style – flowing, ornate, organic – but did mot know its origin. Thanks for this informative lens on Art Nouveau.

Before the poster came the film, and before the film came the book, so a quick history of Betty Blue is in order…rapide! Selling candy from home can be a fun way to socialize with your neighbors. And extra money can be made by selling candy from home. This lens brought tears…….. Thank you so much for sharing. I feel I need to do more to help my community. I love art nouveau and your lens is fabulous. Such a pleasure to read it and see all the great pictures. Who didn’t love Barney Fife? The show was still great, but I, for one, missed Barney. He should have made more guest appearances.

Recently I was asked to repair a door latch mechanism on a microwave. I discovered a broken piece of the moulded plastic inside the door where a spring attaches. The weakest link. Sometimes the most useful and thoughtful gifts cost nothing, but your time. Why not offer to help someone this holiday season? You can offer to babysit, cook them a meal, do yard work or household repairs, or just keep them company. Letting someone know you care? Priceless!