Sizing The Mirror Above Your Bathroom Vanity (2)

Remember THIS ? And THIS ? And then THIS ? Yes, you remember… there were all sorts of updates along the way. The bathroom remodel project is now done! It’s been done for a few weeks. I still have some painting to do in the laundry room area, but generally it’s done.

My grandmother’s bathroom in Scotland in the 60s was very spacious. She lived in a top-floor tenement flat that was huge…of course, now it’s all cut up…probably into 4 flats. A long narrow sink with an end mounted faucet was attached to the wall towards the shower enclosure, and narrow glass shelves were mounted on the wall above it in place of a traditional vanity or medicine chest. old plaster walls were in bad shape from many years of wallpaper and holes and being patched. There was also peeling paint that was going to be difficult to patch well.

You can also save money on fixtures, even toilets and showers, if you purchase them used. Scour sites like eBay and Craigslist or head over to the nearest Habitat for Humanity ReStore , which specifically sells home necessities such as doors, mirrors, sinks, toilets, and tubs. Adding a luxury bath or shower or a luxury bath shower combination is a great way to incorporate relaxation and stress relief into your remodeling project.

Concrete flooring in the kitchen is exceptionally practical and can coordinate well in many settings. Be careful, this gleaming flooring alternative is not for everyone. Remember beyond your cabinets and counter tops, your kitchen floor makes the third biggest impact. While doing a total bathroom remodeling this should be your goal. Keep the small bathroom simple and light in color and design. You can add the sensation of outside lighting to your small bathroom with no window by replacing the old light bulbs with brand-new energy efficient natural light bulbs.

In the basement is an old cistern It was used to hold rainwater which was collected as it flowed from the roof through gutters and downspouts. We still have a trap door in the floor where a bucket could be lowered for ”fetchin’ a pail of water for warshin”. It is now just an empty concrete lined hole with a portion of the wall missing. Armed with the knowledge of the necessary materials, blueprints/steps required and time needed for the completion of any given project, more home owners and renters are undertaking their own home improvements with amazing results.