Small Basement Remodeling Ideas

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Check out the Cool Basement Remodeling Ideas That You Have To See and get inspired. You could do so many different things with your basement and we suggest you to turn it into an entertainment area, playroom, laundry room, a home office or an extra living room. The basement’s location is far away from all the busy spots in the house and many of you think that it can’t be used for anything else than storage space, while in fact with the right decoration you can make it a room with nice ambiance and cozy atmosphere. The photos below will convince you that you were wrong all this time!

For general-purpose cleaning and degreasing, Schmidt sweeps the floor and then scrubs it thoroughly using trisodium phosphate (TSP). For scrubbing, he recommends using a rotary floor scrubber with a green Nylo-Grit pad designed for aggressive scrubbing of concrete. If he must remove glue, mastic, or paint from the floor, he uses nonflammable chemical strippers, which he finds at Home Depot, Lowes, or Sherwin-Williams.

Plumbing fixture drain lines are required to be sloped not less than ¼ inch per foot for 2 1/2 inch or less drain lines, and not less than 1/8 inch per foot for 3 inch and larger drain lines. Be sure to consider the distance your drain lines must travel, and the elevation of the drain line you want to tie into, when planning the location of your plumbing fixtures.

Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a walkout basement, where one or more walls are above-grade and can accommodate large windows and glazed doors, natural lighting is going to be limited in your basement to a handful of small windows. Fortunately, dropped or suspended ceilings, common in basements, can easily and attractively accommodate recessed can, track, and fluorescent troffer fixtures.