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Keeping his business small has helped Steve’s company stay close to the details of each construction job, producing some of the most luxurious basement renovations. This is so beautifully done! The resources are wonderful, the swing and slide, how cool to grow up and remember the fun you had as kids and what COOL parents they have! ChristyWrites, I am really glad we put in the closet because I don’t know where we would have put anything. This house has very little storage. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

They can be mounted on the wall, or stacked together. Poke holes in the ones with lids, and pull the yarn out the hole. Now the crafter can knit without being tangled up. Sewing pins and needles can be stored in mint cans. Wine racks and trash cans can be used to store fabric. Before long, the room is back in order…without any fatalities. I’m always looking for new and creative ways to recorate rooms in my house. I agree a fresh coat of paint can really make a big difference.

Thanks Cardisa, Even if you don’t drink beer, any kind of can will do. My sister was just stacking them till they fell. I couldn’t help but laugh. It is amazing how many things one can create out of cans. Drawbacks include crumbling and improper drying if the right ratio of materials is not achieved during mixing. Any shifting in walls will cause cracks in the stucco. Painting stucco walls is not recommended because of the amount of paint required and uneven results.

Hi Jackie! What I love about doing these projects is the fact that a simple paint job can turn something in to a new piece. It’s not necessary to buy a new piece of furniture when it’s so easy to repaint. The purpose of this hub is to provide the knowledge you need to ask informed questions and hopefully derail the unscrupulous salesman or contractor. All references to pricing will pertain to windows with one operating sash known as single hung windows. Pricing for other styles such as double hungs or casement style windows are slightly higher.