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Master Bathroom Edition (2)

Today I’m sharing with you a bathroom remodel!! This guest bathroom is actually at my Parents’ house… they did all of the work themselves.

Great tips for decorating that everyone can use! I’ve done most of these myself but I especially like using cardboard boxes for furniture placement, and making paper patterns to arrange on a wall before hanging a grouping of framed art. Angel blessings! Haha, I thought this was going to be a craft hub! My partner and I actually re-did our bathroom counter top with glass beads from the dollar store. Looks great! Linen closet in adjacent bath was reduced to add display space in a bedroom. Chicken wire was used for the cabinet doors.

Of course, care is always warranted as with tile or wood or almost any floor finish. I have seen cans dropped and the linoleum torn. The denting of the wood floor from …

Glam Master Bath Remodel

If you’ve read any of my Squidoo pages before you may remember I live in a very small cottage in Hawaii. How small? Well, 640 sq ft to be exact. So I’m always looking for ideas to help me save precious inches.

Finally! I managed to get more pictures, even one of the beer can curtain, to revamp my hub. Sorry the first go around wasn’t that grand. Hopefully everyone will like this one a bit better. There are even a few more tips for Redneck decorating…I thank my sister for those ideas! (Note: if you see any flaws, let me know. I was still having loading issues.) Thanks everyone!

When doing a bathroom remodeling project, consider refinishing the tub vs replacing it. If your tub is porcelain, many companies can make your old tub look almost brand new. It is also possible for these companies to apply a new …

Master Bathroom Edition

Building the spa bathroom of your dreams may cost more than you want to spend. But you don’t have to empty your wallet to improve your bathroom. A little bling and a few luxurious touches can give you a big impact for a small amount of money, and that’s a good place to start.

Someone gives you an old battered Wardrobe constructed from laminated chipboard you may think it has little value. Unlike real solid wood which can be stripped down, planed, restored and reused, and then varnished, wood stained or painted in finishing chipboard can’t. You can’t strip chipboard down to the bare wood and you can’t plane it other than the edges, and it’s not easy to get a good varnish or wood stain finish; although you can reuse chipboard and if you key the surface paint it. One good reuse for old laminated chipboard is to cut …

Master Bath Remodel

Find a representative near you and enjoy a free in-home design consultation for your bathroom project.

Recycled glass and cement is an other great idea to think about when doing any remodel. You can use it , just as you would granite. I have seen the samples and I think it would look fabulous in a bathroom as a counter top or as shower walls. I love the specs of glass. The pattern in each is slightly different. It for me has a very airy feel, yet it is solid because it is of its cement composition.

The tank is concealed within a 2×6 wall that’s built in front of the existing plumbing wall. It does require some plumbing rerouting because the waste line runs through the wall instead of the basic floor-mounted toilet flange (see Photos 8 – 12). The toilet can be ordered with a wall-mounted access panel/flush …

Vintage Modern Master Bath Remodel

A small bathroom in Manhattan is often a fact of life. Remodeling in New York City, NYKB has years of experience elegantly optimizing the limited space with clever small bathroom ideas. Designed by the experts at NYKB, small is no longer a limitation. Our experts in small bathroom remodeling will help you to incorporate your own personal touch into the design, creating just the look you dream of. There is no better place than NYKB for small bath remodeling.

The house is timber framed with hand hewn hardwood beams and rough cut true 2X12 floor joists. The flooring is 6 inch wide heart pine planking and the walls are plaster and lath construction. The barn is framed with mortise and tenon construction with pine plank siding. The barn is covered on 3 sides with old license plates dating from 1917 to 1936.

The flooring chosen for this renovation was a …

Master Bath Remodel Before And After.Part 1.

People are more cautious than ever when loosening their purse strings. We’ve all learned that becoming educated consumers not only helps us get the right products, but get them at the right price. Most people don’t know what’s involved in getting their bathrooms remodeled by contractors, and because of that, they don’t know how much it should cost. Here, we’ll discuss the general guidelines for pricing.

This project is very versatile and there are lots of different variations you can try. You could make any clay shape for the handles including stars, hearts, flowers, trains – in fact cookie cutters would be ideal to use for cutting out these kind of shapes. Making a 3D geometric handle like this looks good as well. Learn simple DIY cheap kitchen remodel upgrades that add beauty and equity. Remodel a kitchen cheaply without a contractor.

It was so nice having had replaced so …

Master Bath Remodel Before And After.Part 1. (2)

Make remodeling your bath fun, not frustrating. Choose Lowe’s bath installation services for minor updates or a major bath remodel.

CG&S was founded as a renovation company over 50 years ago, and this remains our core business. We work to respect the original home’s spirit, scale, and vibe, and strive for our work to read as a natural progression, a new chapter, to the existing home. At the completion of each renovation, our goal is to leave the homeowner with a beautiful and functional place to live in and love for years to come.

The Dream Assurance Plan is built on a vision – an idea. The team of professionals at Republic West Remodeling has developed, through their years of experience and a passion for excellence, an exclusive home remodeling process that strives to deliver a pleasant experience for their customers. The dream comes alive with brilliant choices, a defined …

Master Bathroom Remodel

Indy Renovation and our related companies have a nearly flawless track record when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Our 50-plus years of experience has allowed us to build wonderful relationships within the Indianapolis community. Exceptional work ethic and craftsmanship are reflected in the hundreds of positive reviews we’ve received — truly a testament to our ability to produce the finest bathroom renovations in the area. Contact us today at (317) 375-4464, and ask how we can start your next project off right with a free estimate and design.

Old cabinets can come back to life with a simply coat of white paint. Take special care with the hinges and hardware. Careful spray painting is the recommended procedure. Add a wood floor and you are set to go! Look at the gleam of the wood floor against the brightness of the white cabinets – dynamic style on a reasonable budget. The …

Master Bathroom Pedestal Tub, White Subway Tile, Carrera

My ideal bathroom would be very large, roomy, with lots of sunshine pouring in from a skylight and side window over looking a garden. It would hold a jacuzzi or whirlpool bath and a separate shower. There would be a set of double sinks and a large mirror. The lighting would be soft when desired and bright enough when needed. It would be so spacious that I could set a small reading chair in it-no, I don’t mean the toilet, I mean a comfortable sitting chair. Don’t ask me why this is important, it is my fantasy bathroom.

Get material bids (delivered). If money is no object, just go ahead, visit your nearest building supply company and place your order and pay them to deliver it. However, let’s get real. Why give money away? (If you have more than you need, consider supporting a good charity!) Here’s an easy way …

Our Master Bedroom Makeover Begins

It is important to identify your individual fashion and requirements before commencing any redecorations in your house or property. Identifying your decorating fashion will significantly affect on the options which might be accessible and to the result of the job. When the job has began adjustments and alterations can be pricey.

Don’t need to take the time to take aside the pallets? These projects use the wood pallets with little to no dismantling required. Construct a pallet fence or even a home! Throughout the evaluation and permitting process, the Inspector will almost definitely go to your home to approve the placement and put the ultimate stamp of approval in your plans. Make this time rely: ask loads of questions and you may keep away from having to appropriate any code violations.

The color will not be something to place in your front room, but a kid or teen room could …