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A small bathroom has its advantages. A small space means less to clean and less to maintain. However, a small space— bathroom or otherwise—can also feel cramped. Believe it or not, the right decorating can fix that problem. You can decorate your small bathroom to make it feel more spacious. Here’s how to make your small bathroom look bigger.

You did it again. It is so informational and I wish I had a shower like this one. I have a friend who does and they are very nice. White subway tile can be paired with most any look. Make it the base for casual industrial style or dress it up with traditional-style furniture and fixtures for timeless look. I have hardwood floors and I clean surface dirt with a Bissell 3-in-1 Vacuum. I LOVE it! I’ve used one for over 13 years now and it gets the job done!

As you can see, home improvement is a multifaceted trade. Oftentimes, your knowledge of a type of task will determine the success of it. This means that research is an excellent first step in any home improvement project. These tips should be a helpful first step in your path to learning about bathroom remodeling and home improvement. Great room décor tips, especially for those like me who have no decorating genius at all. Thank you!

Small corner bathtubs are the perfect answer for a small bathroom where space is at a premium. These small units might be built-in tubs or freestanding bathtubs. Many are deeper than traditional bathtubs, although they take up considerably less floor space. Since these are deeper, however, you can still get good corner soaking tubs. Thanks Simone! I am glad you enjoyed it. I am working on a few more, so hopefully if time allows, I can get them posted in the next day or two.

So, what is a focal point? In general, it is the most dramatic element in a room. It is what your eye is drawn to when you first enter a room. It is attention getting and should be the center of attention of your décor. And now you get a little glimpse into the installation and shower tile. If you read Week 2 of the ORC, you’ll remember I scored this tile for $.87 square foot. That just makes me like it even more! When I was in France a year and a half ago, I fell in love with my friend Terry’s (Antiques from France) stone sink that was in her house in France.