The Sustainable Couple

Anyway we decided that we had better tear out everything and totally replace the subfloor… What a joke!

Chip away old tile, cut away wood rot and remove any moldy sheetrock. This is a fun way to put your trusty sledgehammer to use! You are most welcome, Enelle – They were really great about stopping to let me take photos as each step was completed. So, if you’re counting, we spent about $649 on 102 square feet of flooring, a vintage-looking pedestal sink and medicine cabinet, and two bistro pendant lights. Teeny cabinets are gone! Can you believe they were only 32 inches tall? The floor was protected as we were keeping the existing tile.

I do NOT recommend pine sol. Ive been using it for a year now and I dread washing the floors as it leaves spots and streaks. We are renting and I just had it on my to do list to find another product. Im off to buy some vinegar and a microfiber mop so I thank you for your help! I had to order everything, so I wasn’t able to measure the tub spouts or see the finishes. I ordered two faucet kits and three cover plates in the hopes that some combination of them will work. Also, check out these Hubs from my good friend Frank L. Wright (not to be confused with the architect, mind you). What a fantastic idea! I don’t know how I missed the information in my first reading! Thanks so much!

Many people think a room looks bigger when all of the furniture lines the walls around the room. And if you want a dance floor, that may work, but for most purposes, furniture looks better and a room looks more inviting when the pieces are at an angle or surrounded by space. Thanks – and yes, we learned that tip the hard way (buy extra of what you need). For that matter, stock up on lightbulbs, batteries and more when they go on sale. I’m so practical. I must be a mom. Reupholstering can dramatically change the look of a chair, and I love the new modern fabric on this one.

Espresso is a very popular finish that goes with modern and contemporary decor. Many consumers are unclear as to what color espresso really is? I’m going to explain what you can expect with espresso. The furniture was moved, but never completely moved out of the room. The dressers were too heavy and there was no place to put the bed. We worked around the furniture without too much difficulty.