Tips For Using Plants In Bathrooms (2)

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I had a vision buying my house. The bathroom was sort of nice compared to the wall-to-wall royal blue flower print carpeting, the peach floor tile, the mint green walls and dark wood paneling. Don’t worry, I renovated the entire house. Bathroom was last on the list. I’m just now thinking about this – I lost my job and I need a new dresser, so repainting something from a thrift store, yard sale or flea market might be right up my alley. Thanks a lot!

This week’s WTI was quite challenging for me, first thinking of an idea and then getting the photos to work. I must have taken a hundred! So here’s hoping what I’ve eventually come up with will be of use to someone. Paint the Vinyl Wallboard – I have to admit, this project gave me the most pause as I’d been taught that paint over vinyl is a dubious task. But there’s nothing that says 80’s nursing home more than this powder blue & pink speckled pattern so its gotta go.

Most homeowners install carpeting in their bedrooms. This is likely due to the fact that a warm, soft floor is the first thing people want to feel when they get out of bed in the morning. A colder wooden or tiled floor may make it difficult for people to get going. A nice, thick, plush carpet is usually the best option for bedrooms. If you suspect a leak, or feel you can’t quite tell if it’s leaking, place a piece of toilet paper over/around the joint and turn on the shower. Any water seeping out at the joint will moisten the toilet paper. If this happens, try tightening the showerhead a bit more.

Teaches12345, Bathrooms are are a great space to really put that extra detail. It requires less material, and you can really personalize the space There are products made of corrugated cardboard and it is compressed to be used as counter tops. If you have a design question, shout my luck with your remodel. Also, checking the dollar stores, or keeping an eye out for clearance sales in a department store home furnishing department are other ideas to consider.