Tips on Choosing the Right Location of Your New House

1) Determining the location

Determine where we need to be observant observe the development of an area that is closely related to the development of an area. Besides, should often look at a housing exhibition event or diligent walk into areas that are or will be built by the developer. Preferably in determining the choice of location of such housing must be fitted with a map of the area, as well as be able to develop the insight that comes from an information (brochures, advertisements) about the location of housing, but also be able to view the location of the macro such as road networks, track voltage cable high, the location of the nearest large river, where the trajectory trains and various urban development plan. Do not forget to look for the information verbally from colleagues who know the area of housing will be selected. This information is the complementary notion to determine location. For loans tips, you can see in

From the results looking for info, the activities of these observations may be used to compare the advantages and disadvantages of alternative housing locations in some of the most interest.

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2) Legal Aspect

Before deciding to choose to buy should first examine the legality of that location. The legality of that can be asked to Corporate Development is the Master Copy of Certificate for housing location is selected, it is to provide certainty about the legality of ownership of land which will be developed solution to the certificate parent becomes Letter Properties on selected plots are not in problems. Aside from the development company can also ask the nearest village or district about plans for a residential location, if it already has licenses OH at the location. Elements of the legality of the above apply to residential location is really new to be built, while the location of housing sites that have been / are being built can be asked in more detail such as: Letters ground

3) Facilities Infrastructure

Facility infrastructure is complete and sufficient is one of the main tricks of the developers in promotional sales houses. Developers often do not even offer prizes to lull prospective consumers to purchase one of his products.

Completeness is actually intended to make residents or prospective buyers feel comfortable and at ease living in a residential location. Because usually in the brochure promises sweeter than reality on the ground, then to believe in the truthfulness of ads / flyers from these developers, a prospective buyer needs to check directly to the location.

While most developers have not been met by prospective buyers may reconsider the credibility of the Developer or immediately switch to alternative housing locations better.

4) Home Conditions

As a buyer would be satisfied if the gain as desired housing conditions especially appropriate picture on the brochure. Healthy Homes on housing conditions are usually two types namely standard and quality improvement.

Before receiving the keys at the time of realization of a home purchase should also be checked to a location on the completeness condition of the house. Checks can be done simply is as follows:

First step is to be seen is the overall shape of the house from the outside whether the roof is straight, does not happen slope of the overall shape of the house, whether the roof installation is correct.

Step two is to see the inside of the house such as: whether the doors and windows are installed neatly and can be locked, whether the floors are not broken and bloated, whether stucco walls there are cracks, whether on the roof there are no leaks, whether wood -Wooden which is used as the supporting structure of the roof is not broken or attacked by termites. The third step is checking the completeness of the utility and equipment service in the house.

However, if the housing location a lot of empty houses that are less well maintained, so that should be observed is its safety. Look for information on the crime rate a housing location from the surrounding area or motorcycle taxi drivers / pedicab. Or information about the possibility of housing is frequently hit by floods because of good drainage systems etc.

May be useful to the reader in determining the choice of a residential location that really fits your needs and desires.